13 Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you decided on a valentine’s day gift for your loved ones? No! What are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you still have to decide what to give to your girlfriend. Well, you need not worry about it, you have a few more days to pick out an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. Teddy bears and stuff toys have always been everyone’s favorites, special the women and when it comes to guys we see more of deos and watches. All these gifts may be most common but they are still trending but there are some lovers who search for some special and unique gifts for their better half. Many people love personalized gifts, be it cards or be it accessories, to them if it made by their partner then it becomes more valuable than store bought. We have come up with a list of thirteen such Valentine’s Day gift ideas which are certainly unique and romantic. So if you still have a gift to buy then take a look at our list of 13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

1. Cute Cards

Cards have been trending for a long time now. Be it any occasion, birthday, marriage ceremonies or Valentine’s Day, cards are exchanged on all these occasions. So this Valentine’s Day what can you do differently with the cards? Well, one idea is to make your own cards with the very basic items such as card making papers and some colors. Even if you are not much of an artist, you need not worry you can get personalized gift cards made for this occasion. To take your regular card to the next level, add some personal touch to it and that way when your partner receives it they will know how much you love them.

Valentine's Day Card

Source: Town and Country Living

2. Jar full of love

Mason Jars have been very popular with the creative people nowadays, especially those who love DIY ideas and make such arts. You can use Mason jars to make your own Valentine’s Day gift. Mason Jars are easy to decorate and you have a wide range of ideas for that too, you can use colors or even glitters, Ribbons and bows always add an elegance to the Jars so decorate your jars the way you want. Next, you can fill them up with surprises, they can small candies or chocolates or some cute notes and messages, you can also put small candles in them and when they glow the jars work as night lamps. There are so many things that you can do with these jars so get started right now.

Jar full of love

3. Personalized Certificate of Appreciation

Many gift shops offer these printed Certificates of Appreciation such as “Best Boyfriend Certificate”, “Best Wife Certificate” or “Best Partner Certificate”. You can make your own such certificates of appreciation. Add their beautiful photos and make a beautiful and corny personalized certificate for your partner. You can even decorate them with tiny heart prints or even your thumbprints for that matter. This way you get a beautiful Gift which completely personalized for your partner.

Certificate of Appreciation

4. Chocolate Treats

Chocolate has been everyone’s favorite for ages and chocolates are heavily used as gifts for Valentine’s Day. You can make lovely chocolate treats for your partner such as brownies or cakes. Who doesn’t love homemade cakes bake with love? Everyone does, so make your own chocolate treats. If you don’t want to make a cake then you can simply coat some strawberries in chocolate and decorate them with colorful icing and freeze them until the chocolate is completely firm. That way you will get some wonderful chocolate treats.

Chocolate treats

5. DIY Accessories

Be it a bracelet or a neckpiece, your girl is going love any such accessories as a Valentine’s Day gift and of course, you can buy them from any store anywhere, but we are here to step up the game so what do we do next? Well, we go down the DIY lane. Yes, you heard it right, your girl will love a neckpiece which you made for her with your own hands and she will wear it with pride. Chokers are a trending nowadays and they are very easy to make. So get ready to make some accessories for you girl.

DIY Accessories

6. Movies, Music and Gaming

Movies and Gaming are one of the best gifts that you can ever give to your boyfriend. Many guys love video games and also music so you can buy them some video games and movies, but when it comes to music there is one fun thing that you can do. You can make a mixer of all their favorite songs and give it to them. Trust me they will love your gift and since it takes a lot of hard work to make a complete mix of various songs, they will certainly appreciate it. You can do this with movies as well, so start experimenting today itself.


7. Exploding Gift Box

Exploding gift boxes make for amazing gifts, and they are a beauty to look at when you open the lid of the box. The complete box opens up and you can see many small and intricate designs and cards inside the box and in the center of the box, you can place anything such as another box filled with chocolates or a small gift. These boxes are completely personal since you make it from scratch for your partner and also because you decide what to add to it and what to keep inside the box. There are many ways you can decorate it so go ahead and give it a try. Add pictures and captions and colorful papers to make it more beautiful.

Gift Box

8. Photo Frames

Store bought photo frames are always an option but why buy it when you can make it. Photo frames are easy to make and the best part of making it on your own is that you get to decorate it the way you want it. You want to make a frame out of sticks and wood then all you need is some cardboard and some sticks which you can get anywhere very easily. Make a frame with some paper quilling and also some small sea shells. Paint the frames of stick pieces of old CDs and glass on it to make it look more attractive. You have the liberty to experiment so go ahead and make your own frames.

Photo Frames

9. Bouquet

A bouquet does not necessarily have to be a bunch of flowers, you can make a bouquet of many things such as chocolates or even accessories. Add some roses and some chocolates to it or just keep it a simple chocolate bouquet. You can even go for monochromatic bouquets, choose any color and collect some edibles, some accessories and some flowers of that color and put them together as a bouquet. The ideas are endless so try whatever creative and fun comes to your mind, your partner will certainly love it.


10. DIY Comic Book

We all love reading comics so if your girl or guy loves comics then this one is certainly for you. Design your own comic book stating your story. It can be any beautiful scene from your life which you can describe in the comic in a more romantic and dramatic way. Add a superhero and a super villain or you can just keep it simple and illustrate your own story in a corny way without some superheroes. The choice is entirely yours and don’t forget to add some wonderful graphics to it and your personal touch.

Comic Books

11. Homemade Posters!

This is one of the best gift ideas that you can ever implement and by far the simplest yet complicated idea. You are certainly confused but let me tell you this, if you are making a poster the there are many things that you can add to it so to decide what goes where and what to add and what not to add is a mammoth task. Once this task is over and you have decided on what to make then it becomes very simple. Add some colors and some handy work to your poster. Don’t forget to add lots of pictures to it, it will look fabulous.


12. Home Décor

You always have the option of buying many home décor from stores and online sites and they are really great to gift but if you are looking for something more personal then you can make your own home décor. Make a small vase out of wood sticks or ice-cream sticks and fill them with flowers, it can be later on used as a pen stand as well. You can make small coasters with ice-cream sticks as well. If you are planning on making something huge then you can go for paintings but if you do not have much time in your hands then you can most certainly buy it online.

Home Decor

13. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are all time favorite for gifts. You can buy them online or make your own personalized mugs. There are many stores these days that make personalized mugs for you. You can have pictures on them or just small captions. If you don’t want to make them from stores then you can buy your own plain mugs and do some creative painting or marbling on them by using some nail polish. There are many ways to go and many amazing things that you can do with coffee mugs so get started now or just buy them online.


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