7 Lower Back Pain Treatment For Quick Pain Relief

Dealing with pain in your lower back, you need some effective lower back pain treatment. Back pain often strikes when something’s amiss with the delicate column of bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints that hold you up. Thousands of people worldwide suffer from discomfort in the lower back, irrespective of an injury, illness, or old age, lower back pain can be mitigated with the right knowledge and care. If back pain is severe or persists for more than a week, see your healthcare provider for a more targeted approach.

Here is a list of some quick lower back pain treatment which can help you get rid of that nagging pain.

1. Go easy with Morning Pain

Find out what is causing the pain. The lower back pain goes away after a few weeks. If your back pain, however, persists for more than two weeks, see an internist and get a referral to a specialist to diagnose the pain. Lower back pain, as commonly referred to, is a pain in the lower back, widely diffused. Try this lower back pain treatment that can help.

Lower back pain is usually not spinal pain or pain in the spinal muscles. It can be caused due to various factors:- Aging, Arthritis, Herniated disk, Compression fractures, and Illness. If you are unsure about what is causing your lower back pain, or you think any of the above conditions may be manifesting in lower back pain, see your doctor. A doctor will be able to prescribe painkillers that ease discomfort while helping you devise a physical rehabilitation routine.

Take it easy on morning pain

2. Take Enough Rest

Don’t exhaust yourself physically and mentally. When sleeping, keep changing your positions. When you lie on back, put a pillow under your knees. Similarly, if you lie on your side, draw your knees near your chest and keep a pillow between your knees. You use your lower back muscles directly while bending forward and back, and also indirectly while exercising and moving around. Although your lower back muscles are strong, they require rest.

Sometimes, the onset of pain will significantly diminish when the lower back muscles are given the proper rest. Consider switching to a medium-firm mattress. According to some sources, a medium-firm mattress may put the least stress on your lower back.

Lower Back Pain Treatment - Take Rest

3. Maintain Right Posture

Correct any bad posture, if necessary. If you have bad posture, it may be causing or contributing to your lower back pain. The lower back is particularly susceptible to pain caused by bad posture because it supports a good deal of your weight. Your sitting and standing posture is very important to keep back pain at bay. One should not be in bending position for a long time whether sitting or standing. Sitting on the edge of the chair and slouching should be avoided. The angle of the chair should be 110 degrees.

Good posture is having the spine curved slightly inward at the lower back, slightly outward at the upper back, and slightly inward again at the neck (so the neck is upright but tilted slightly forward).Make sure your workstation is ergonomically supportive. Let’s face it: we spend countless hours at work, toiling away, often not in a very good position for our lower and upper back, our legs, and our hands. Correct your workstation to improve your posture and ease lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment - Maintain a good posture

4. Try a Natural Booster

Your drugstore carries liniments that contain capsaicin, the heat-producing substance in hot peppers. Applied to your skin, capsaicin depletes nerve endings of a neurochemical substance. Researchers have found that it is essential for transmitting pain sensations to the brain, so when there’s less liquid in circulation, as the pain meter is turned down a bit. Look for a cream or ointment containing 0.075 percent or 0.025 percent capsaicin. And be patient as you may have to use it for several weeks to feel the full effect. Stop using it if you begin to feel any skin irritation.

Aspirin may be taken by adults, but it should not be given to children. One added benefit of aspirin, however, is that it lessens the likelihood of blood clotting, and so could be helpful in staving off a heart attack. Therefore boosters are always preferable as they are natural. This can be effective for lower back pain treatment.

Try a natural booster

5. Treat the Pain with Ice

Ice helps constrict the blood vessels underneath the skin, dulling pain and easing swelling. If you want to use ice on your lower back, there is a number of ways medical practitioners advice to apply it. Use an ice-towel. Wet a towel with cool water, wring out most of the moisture and place into a plastic bag. Put the bag into the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes, remove the towel from the bag, and place over the lower back.

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Use a homemade ice-pack. Put one pound (0.45 kg) of ice into a plastic bag. Pour in just enough water into the bag to cover the ice. Squeeze excess air from the bag, seal it, and apply to the lower back. Mix three cups of water and one cup of denatured alcohol into a freezer bag. Wait until slush forms (but before it becomes completely frozen), remove, and apply to lower backrest the pain with heat. Heat can also be an effective source of comfort and pain relief for lower back pain. For effective temperature therapy, try alternating between heat and cold treatments.

Lower Back Pain Treatment - Ice Pack

6. Take a Walk

If you can, walk around for a good hour on the treadmill, or outdoors, where there are natural inclines and declines. Don’t push yourself, and stop whenever there’s significant pain. Walking is considered by some doctors to be “the best exercise” for back pain as it promotes healthy circulation and naturally strengthens the lower back muscles.

Test out other back therapies which could provide treatment and relief. In addition to walking, back stretches, and core stabilization, other treatments can offer targeted pain relief and even treatment. Walking around relieves as much physical and emotional stress as possible. In addition to simply feeling better, stress reduction might help your ability to recover from lower back pain.

Take a Walk

7. Try Acupuncture

It is an ancient Chinese medicine using needles and pressure points to access the pain points. If that sounds dubious, just consider: several tests have demonstrated that people suffering from lower back pain experienced decreased pain and increased mobility after acupuncture. It provides relief to the whole body as acupuncture is an effective method, as well as its implementation and execution, is of utter significance. This can be an effective way for lower back pain treatment.

Take a Walk

Do tell us which lower back pain treatment worked for you. If we missed out on any simple treatment that works for you then let us know in the comments section below.

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