5 Hardships Faced by a Prostitute

Life of a prostitute has fascinated many for a long time now. For the last 150 years, prostitution has been a dominant prevalence. A degraded profession that the society looks down upon. It refers to the sexual behavior of a female without wedlock on a commercial routine basis. It is a vice, a sinful crime, though there are around 20 million females across the globe who strive this humiliation. Categorizing them as the lowest species of humans is very common these days. As far as India is concerned prostitution is legal but the activities such as soliciting, pimping and brothels are illegal.

Some of the women in this profession are there by choice. A majority of women in this trade unwillingly undergo this horror. Unable to fulfill basic necessities often results in many women choosing to become a sex slave. While the commonalities are doing so to establish a foundation of living either for themselves or for their families. Many women take up this line of work willingly as they could cope up with all of it. There is still a heavy count of females who have to undergo mental trauma, torcher, pain, injury of a sex worker. It is not their choices but hardships that they have to thrive against that makes them a prostitute. Lately, there have been questions arising on the legalization of prostitution in India.


Life of a prostitute

1. Violence and Low Self-esteem

The old tradition of selling females for bringing in heavy income and making money easily has always been a brutal truth in the society. In places where people look for ways to make money fast without giving a second thought often resort to the abduction of women in large numbers. It involves trafficking and leads to a vast number of female sex workers who trade their bodies. Their life made is worse than hell, often by forcing them to live a terrible life. It involves a high degree of sexual promiscuity which gains terrible criticism from the society. It is either silence or pain that succumbs a woman when forceful kidnapping and torture takes place. Their screams, cries for liberation and justice often go unheard.


Violence against prostitute

2. From Drugs and Alcohol to STDs

A degrading vice that women have to suffer is the tag of the prostitute. By rhetoric terms, this word clearly signifies uncontrolled sexual intercourse. This continuous oppression and promiscuous sex for money bring along an enumerate lists of sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them being AIDS which turns out to be an incurable slow death disease. The scenes are even more horrific when it involves intake of harmful drugs and alcohol in a handsome amount. The loss of mental ability to think results into theft, robbery and sometimes even murder crimes. HIV has an alarming count of around 20,000 – 50,000 women who are prone to the infection. Often there is a loss of mental stability due to the lack of dignity. Turning out to comprehend women by establishing rehabs and hospitals are a rare help. The hardship which they undergo is beyond pain.


Prostitute smoking

3. Emotional Torcher and Indifference

A sociological analysis and statistics depict that prostitution invites understanding of lots of hurtful feelings. Depression, suffering, anguish, fear, hurt are all the muddled up feelings which a prostitute inherits from her life. The emotional journey right from dealing with the customers to engaging a primary or secondary sexual contact with him makes women totally indifferent to all of the feelings that naturally occur. With the body, a prostitute also sells her emotional attachments as well as the sense of a woman without any economical or moral gain. Rating them from across the streets results in a lowering of their self-esteem. Their indifference marks a highlight to the hard times of embarrassment she has to go through each day.


Indifference towards themSource: Phoyogrist Photo Magazine

4. Life of a Prostitute is Poverty Ridden

Radical feminism paves the way to connect a women’s oppression and silence with poverty and to draw a connection between them. The perceptions of women to engage herself in these situations can seldom be poverty. A stressful woman who often gets abandoned by her parents or even by her husband is drawn to such activity when poverty strikes in. Distressed economically and financially a woman is ill-treated by the society which makes her a pimp. Striving for education and food when a woman pushes herself into a procurer the avenues become closed. The stoop of being called a public commodity and other social factors which are responsible for her characterless image makes her an impoverished woman. The outcasts of poverty that abstain her from living a healthy life get snatched away overnight.



5. Disconnected from the Mainstream Society

Exploiting a women’s body in exchange for money often results into traumatic life. Trafficking and other instances of illegal trades that are carried in and around the society makes a prostitute a” user good’s” product. The mindset of people towards a prostitute even after obtaining legalization in India is far from respect. They are discards of the society and take shelter in some corners and chips of roads where the male dominant society hovers to satisfy their needs. After getting satisfaction from them, these are the only men who scream out aloud by calling them names that are shameful. Aloof from the society as they are the prostitutes has given up the ray of all hopes and strings of happiness. Their lives are nothing but depression and darkness and nobody ever views it closely.


Discards of SocietySource: Mirror Online

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