Best Gaming Keyboard 2019 – Buyer’s Guide with Top 10 Featured

Have you ever wondered how is a gaming keyboard different from your regular keyboard? So before jumping on to our best gaming keyboard list, let us first tell you why you deserve a gaming keyboard!

Well, gaming keyboard often come with a variety of programmable keys for use in (or even out) of games. Mostly they are backlit, and they are more robust in build quality, so they last longer. They are designed in a fashion that they don’t give pain to the user’s hands, and one can use it for a long duration at a stretch.

We have assorted the best gaming keyboard list for you, based on their build quality, user ratings, brand reliability and features. What is even more better, is that we have covered a wide range of price segment, so you can go according to your budget.

In a summary, most prominent features of the best gaming keyboard include : 

  • set of programmable keys
  • LED back-lit
  • robust and comfortable design
  • durable for long lasting use
  • mini LCD display (well, a little expensive!)
  • anti ghosting
  • N key rollover
  • dedicated multi media controls (not necessary fot gaming!)
  • ergonomic key arrangement for painless use

Imagine while you are playing a game, you have all the most essential controls assigned to some special keys, which are easily reachable to your fingers, with your hands resting on the same position. So without further thinking, check out our list of best gaming keyboard, and see which one is the match for you!

1. Corsair K95 RGB – Best Gaming Keyboard in All Aspects

Corsair K95 RGB best gaming keyboard

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Well, the Corsair K95 made it’s roots deep in the life of gamers, and stood on the top spot for a long period. It’s successor is no less, and brings even better customization, both in physical and visual aspects. The Corsair K95 RGB mechanical is the best gaming keyboard in terms of build quality, specs and performance. Moreover, every single key can be customized with multi color back lighting with virtually unlimited color combinations. Not just that, beneath every key lies a Cherry MX RGB key switch, with ultimate precise actuation.

This mega keyboard also boasts of full key rollover which ensures that each key press is accurately detected individually by the hardware, which ensures that the sequence of key press is not played with. 100% anti-ghosting allows you to set multiple keys to perform a particular action, a requirement every gamer would understand and want! 

Coming to the build quality, the K95 RGB won’t let you down certainly, after being priced in such premium segment! So under that aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminium finish lies a durable and light weight structure which is suitable for the soft key presses on a good game playing day to the hard hitting during an annoyed game session.

Oh wait, are you one of those who plays for a long time, complaining about your hands paining? Well, here you have a soft and comfy feeling wrist rest, which is detachable in case you don’t need it at times. One down side with the wrist rest is it requires extra surface on your desk, which means you might need to clean a bit of that mess, which earlier was not an issue for your desk.

18 G-keys not looking enough for you? Kill your worries, because you can use any key to trigger a macro. You also have the provision to adjust volume, play-pause-skip a track and a lot more with the set of dedicated multimedia keys. talking about keys, let’s not forget the best thing we loved about this keyboard – it is meant for super responsive game plays! Yes, a slight push on the key activates the MX switch beneath it, ultimately giving you the fastest response, with accuracy.

What if you want to carry away your keyboard to a different location? Will your settings remain the same – the ones you arranged putting so much time and thinking? Voila, the K95 is here to save the day with it’s built-in storage that carries your performance and lighting settings where ever you take it.

Another feature is the Corsair Utility Engine (aka CUE) is the software that comes with this keyboard, and it lets you design your custom light patterns and animations. You can save color settings for each key, individually as you like it. It also gives you the control over powerful settings, such as controlling the direction of lighting, it’s duration and the velocity – yes, we are talking about setting up waves and ripples on your keyboard. COOL, isn’t it. (Yes, it is something to boast about!) You can also keep linear lighting, where an entire row will light up as you press a key in that row, or they can even change color as you type.

So our verdict for K95 RGB is that you should go for it if budget is not an issue for you. It’s not expensive if you consider all the amazing features it boasts of. Above all, it guarantees you the best game playing experience. Overall it is the best gaming keyboard with a little hefty price.

Features at a glance

  • High quality aluminium finish
  • Multicolor back lighting for each mechanical key
  • Customizable back lights
  • Entire keyboard is programmable
  • 100% Cherry MX red key switches, for high responsiveness 
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Multimedia controls




  • Fast Cherry MX Speed switch
  • Amazing build quality
  • Comfortable wrist-rest
  • Highly durable, thanks to aluminium make
  • Built – in storage to save settings
  • Expensive
  • Large surface area required to place


2. Razer Overwatch Blackwidow

Razer Overwatch Blackwidow


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This gaming keyboard has earned it’s reputation in the market, since it’s launch in 2010. Since then, Razer’s gaming keyboards have been on the highest selling list. This facts helps it claim the reliability mark set by it’s products, and the Razer Overwatch Blackwidow Chroma is one of the latest in the family, and comes with a lot of upgrades. This is really the stable weighed premium gaming keyboard Razer intended it to be.

The mechanical switches response to a 50g actuation force, so it’s speed is not a thing to question. This makes the key press a real smooth joy, and furthermore they do not make click sounds as loud as those made by Cherry MX switches (an advantage to mark!).

This keyboard is fixed with Razer Mechanical switches, which has some remarkable awards since it’s launch in 2014. The responsiveness and durability is equally comparable to Cherry MX switches, making it an equally strong competitor. Moreover, the hard make of the Razer Mechanical switches makes is suitable for even the most harsh key presses, and gives it a life span of about 80 million keystrokes.

The previously described Corsair’s K95 RGB comes with CUE (Corsair Utility Engine), it’s software for customization of all settings, including lighting effects. CUE has been designed in such a way, that the outcome of such great tool is a complex dashboard of buttons. But Razer Synapse, which is Razer’s software built to control how each of your back-light glows has been a piece of cake walk for even a newbie. You can control the lights for each key on the keyboard and assign any custom color to it, from a library of 16.8 millions colors (you would still go with the primary ones, won’t you!). Also, you can create a spectrum of your own colors, along with ripple effects and much more! 

A point we would like to add here about Razer Synapse is that, as of now it does not give you as many customization options as the Corsair Utility Engine provides, but on the positive end Synapse is a lot more user friendly and settings are easy to control.

If you also have other Razer gaming devices, well then you have an extra perk here, which adds score to your coolness quotient. Razer’s inter device color synchronization lets your other other Razer gear to synchronize with your keyboard’s settings, and give you an awe inspiring feel, be it your game or simple music time! With so many customization available, along with Razer’s other gear, this keyboard makes the second spot in our list of best gaming keyboard.

Features at a glance

  • Fully programmable keys
  • Razer’s high quality and durable mechanical switches
  • 10 key rollover and anti-ghosting
  • Easy media controls with locking options
  • 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Comes with Razer Synapse : light customization software, easy to use
  • Separate Gaming Mode option
  • Customization settings easily sync with your other Razer gaming devices




  • Razer multi award winnning mechanical switches comes with 2 year warranty
  • Light customization is easier, thanks to Razer Synapse’s user friendly control environment
  • Great build quality, made to last
  • Expensive
  • No wrist rest
  • Razer Synapse gives less customizability when compared to Corsair Utility Engine

3. Logitech G510s with Game Panel LCD Screen – Best Gaming Keyboard in terms of value for price

Logitech G510s Best gaming keyboard


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Logitech G series devices are built on what they call “G-Science“. We tried understanding what’s behind the G-Science term, but all we could fetch was the general technology they have employed to turn their generic keyboards into high end gaming keyboards. Among those is the Logitech G510s, which is a tough competitor in the premium segment, and it does prove it’s worth!

18 G-keys are accompanied with 3 modes, which allow 54 unique functions for better gaming experience. These 54 functions can be configured with ease. Also, you can record key presses and complex macros right inside your game, on the fly! Furthermore, Logitech software comes with a user friendly interface, and the simple design allows you to customize light settings and to program the keys.

One distinguishing feature which is not available in Corsair K95 RGB as well as in Razer Overwatch Blackwidow, is it’s Game Panel LCD display. A boasty feature after all, won’t you agree? This game panel comes in great use while gaming, a fact which you will accept in it’s entirety after you try it for yourself. The LCD panel displays real time game statistics and also crucial player data.

Besides just that, it also provides VOIP communication data ( i.e. voice communication and multimedia sessions over the internet, in simple terms ), and it also gives you system related information when not in a game. That’s not all, you can also use 3rd party community developed or your own custom applets to work with the display panel!

Counting the features does not gets over here. The Logitech G510s has an in-built headphone jack. Are you thinking that it is not a big deal? Yay, it is something which you will love because it let’s you independently control game audio output and mic settings.

The hot keys also lets you change the DPI levels at any point of time. One thing we found really helpful on this keyboard is it’s ability which let the players send broadcast messages to team members within a multi player environment from the board itself. Logitech also claims to have used a full-speed USB connector with this keyboard, which is 4 times faster than the normal USB. Coming to the light customization, you are the master of assigning any color to any key, form an option of 16 million RGB colors. You can use a unique color setting for different profiles and modes within the same game.

6 key anti-ghosting is yet another important feature, which you get in this premium gaming keyboard. That means you can press upto 6 keys at the same time to perform a desired complex action. You can run, strafe, open doors and change weapon, all this in just one move. That’s really supportive if you are a gamer and you know the stakes! So that were the features the G510s has to offer, and it satisfies us more than enough after being priced lower than the above 2 competitors and providing a competing gaming experience.

To add to your comfort, it comes with a palm rest. The keys are double UV coated and have a fingerprint resistant face-plate which does not leave signs on the keys. The build material is of good quality, but not as durable as Corsair’s sturdy build. A rich set of features at this price makes this piece commendable. Hence it can be the best gaming keyboard in it’s price segment!

Features at a glance

  • 18 G-Keys
  • 3 different modes to enable 54 unique higher functions
  • Game Panel LCD panel displays most critical details while in game, and outside
  • Customizable back lights for each profile mode
  • Audio jack with independent audio output controls
  • 6 key anti – ghosting : move upto 6 keys to perform a unique action
  • Sticky free surface coating




  • Comes with a cool LCD display panel that provides crucial information in the game at a glance
  • Broadcast messages to team members right from the keyboard
  • Build quality is robust, as expected at this price
  • Expensive 
  • Build is less sturdier


4. Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire

Corsair K70 RGB

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Another make of Corsair has made it into this list of 2019’s best gaming keyboard. It is none other than the K70 RGB Rapidfire, the smaller sibling of K95. The name Rapidfire is most apt for this keyboard, as responsiveness is the best feature this brags of. For best gaming experience you need a faster keyboard, and for this reason this one is the best choice in this segment. It is a bundle of features packed together to deliver great control to your fingertips.

Although it comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty, it won’t cover any smashes and blows that you might inflict in an aggressive play session. So, keep that in mind and play in peace. The keys are recognized with just a 1.2mm down press, and you don’t actually have to wait for the click sound. With Cherry MX switches, it is surely something that you are already expecting as a compulsion, and not an add-on. With one of the best gaming keyboard, you do get the best mechanical switches.

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is a great software that provides virtually unlimited customization options – ofcourse, that is what the company says! But looking at the options, we do feel that there are probably unlimited options for real, if one looks at the color combinations possible. Each key can be individually set to a different color so now you can imagine with all those keys on this board, how many possible combinations you can make!

When it comes to comfort, this keyboard can retain the top spot among the best gaming keyboard list. A very soft wrist rest is provided in the box. It is detachable as well. The only downside with the wrist rest is that it occupies a bit more space. On the other hand, with comfort comes a bit of sacrifice of space. But the material is really soft and your writes does rest onto it in the right position. Amazing for gaming marathon sessions!

You also get dedicated multi media controls. To be more specific, there are 5 multi media keys on the right top side. An outstanding feature you will see on this keyboard is that it does not have a volume key, but a rolling nob. The rolling key for volume is one of the coolest features. You might want to keep rolling it at times, just for the sake of feeling good! To enhance your gaming experience and ease some controls, the key caps are textured and contoured, so they provide a steady grip and no slipping!

The keyboard boasts of 100% anti-ghosting feature, so you won’t fret if you press multiple keys to perform a move in the game. All the key presses will be registered, accurately in the order they are pressed, in case you don’t press them at the same time. It definitely comes with a full key rollover feature as well! 

Our final verdict is that this keyboard is a great option if you are looking out for a lot of features under this price segment. Also, the quality is premium, including the build. You do not miss out on any essential features, but you do get a lot of them! Hence we keep this option on the 4th spot of our best gaming keyboard list.


Features at a glance

  • High quality aluminium brushed frame
  • Customizable RGB back lights
  • USB pass-through port
  • Cherry MX red key switches, for high responsiveness 
  • Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) enables us to program the back lights
  • Dedicated multimedia controls
  • On board memory




  • Highly responsive keys
  • Amazing build quality
  • Detachable wrist-rest
  • Highly durable, thanks to aluminium make
  • Slightly expensive (but worth)
  • Large surface area required to place when wrist rest is attached
  • Requires 2 USB ports to connect to your PC


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5. Rosewill Clicky with Cherry MX Blue Switch

Rosewill Mechanical gaming keyboard

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With this 104 key full size keyboard, we now enter the middle price segment. Not too expensive, and not too easy on the pocket as well, this segment has it’s own pros and cons. For instance, you get some really necessary gaming features. But you will miss out on some premium add on and boastful options.

Nevertheless, this keyboard is the best choice if you are not willing to shell out a buck more the $100! And Rosewell Clicky can be your best gaming keyboard choice in this segment. The entire keyboard is lit with LED backlit keys. You will not be getting any color custimization though, and you will have to do away with only blue LEDs. There are 4 preset backlighting zones from which you can make a choice for LED adjustability.

The Cherry MX RGB switches are great breather on this piece. So having the best mechanical switches, you get a durable and long lasting keyboard, with upto 50 million key-presses! Ahh, that’s a lot more than you would require before you upgrade your gaming stuff! The 50gm actuation force is what you need to set those keys into action, and that is just when you hear them click!

The keyboard has complete N key rollover. So all your key presses will be registered accurately in the order that they are pressed in! There won’t be an accidental crash or death in your game, so be relieved. Also the keyboard is 100% anti-ghosting, which means that you can press multiple keys at the same time to play specific special actions.

You also get multi media keys on the keyboard itself. You can play, pause or skip tracks while you are listening to music and not gaming. There are volume keys as well in the multi media key zone. Unlike the previous keyboard, this one does not a have smooth roller key for volume though! Instead there are keys, as is on most keyboards.

One feature that makes it somewhat more mess free is the 3 way cable management. It has multiple cable ways underneath, where you can hold the wire as per your comfort. Although it does not look much of a worthy feature, but trust us! Cables can mess around with our minds when we are in the middle of a game and suddenly our fingers are entwined in the stray keyboard wire! When we wish for long connectivity cables, we must have an option to direct them in a free area and not interfere by lying on the keyboard itself!


Features at a glance

  • 100% anti-ghosting
  • Full N-key rollover
  • On board memory
  • Easy audio controls
  • Cherry MX Blue Switches
  • 4 unique present backlighting zones




  • Fast Cherry MX Speed switch
  • 3 way cable management to avoid wire hassles
  • Dedicated Multi Media keys
  • Lights are not customizable
  • Keys are not customizable


6. AULA LED Gaming Keyboard

AULA LED Gaming Keyboard

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After having covered the gaming keyboards in the higher and medium price segments, we not come to look at some even pocket friendly options. Among them, this piece seems like the best gaming keyboard

The AULA LED gaming keyboard does not comes with too many features. Or to be more specific, regrettably it hardly comes with any desirable feature. It has blue colored back-lit keys. Furthermore this is not a mechanical keyboard! With that said, the plus point of this keyboard is high durability and smooth key press. 

We talk of durability in normal usage only, and not if you are hard core gamer. The keys are really not built to withstand rapid and heavy blows of your fingers. This also lacks key roll-over and there is not anti ghosting!

The company could have done well with a palm rest, but sadly even that is missing. And you also don’t get any multi media keys. Don’t laugh at this piece for missing out nearly everything. The price is comparatively too low. You cannot get any more than this at this price but if you use it well, this keyboard is built to last!


Features at a glance

  • Blue color LED back light
  • Layout is similar to a generic keyboard
  • Strengthened keys designed for gaming




  • Affordable
  • Tough build quality
  • No special keys
  • No options for customization


7. Cooler Master Devastator – Gaming Keyboard

CM Storm LED gaming keyboard

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This comes next to AULA LED gaming keyboard, under the low price segment. Priced even lower, the benefit you get with this keyboard is a gaming mouse! The keyboard had blue colored back lit keys with no customization option at all. Even the mouse has got blue colored LED lights, so bingo!

The keyboard is designed for long lasting use with no harsh usage, and provides tactile feedback. Also the key caps are coated well to provide a sturdy grip, which is a bonanza at this price! 

Both the keyboard and the mouse have rubber padding on the sides for a good grip. Also the keyboard has rubber grip on the bottom for a firm hold to the surface. The keyboard also has dedicated multimedia keys, which were not present in the AULA LED keyboard, which we previously saw!

The mouse has a high precision scrolling wheel. The mouse also comes with a DPI adjusting button to switch between three available DPI levels (1000/1600/2000). With all of this, you get a 2 year warranty as well!

All that said, this keyboard seems like a better option than the previously discussed AULA LED in terms of features and the extra gaming mouse that you get. The build quality of both are pretty much similar, so that’s not a point to compare them on. Rest, you should have your answer by now.


Features at a glance

  • Blue color LED back light
  • Comes with a gaming mouse
  • 2000 DPI mouse with 3 preset levels
  • Dedicated multimedia keys 
  • Highly durable design with laser-etched key caps




  • Combo of gaming keyboard with gaming mouse
  • Grip coated key caps
  • Rubber side pads for hold
  • Highly durable, thanks to aluminium make
  • Expensive
  • Large surface area required to place


8. Thermaltake Best Gaming Keyboard at Low Price

Thermaltake Best Gaming Keyboard

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This keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboard in the lower price segment, if you look at it’s design and build. First and foremost, the keyboard has a strong build, and at the same time a bold edgy design that makes it a perfect visual treat to motivate you for a gaming session!

If you are looking for a keyboard that has more than just one LED colored back light, then this can be the best option for you. Moreover, it has 3 color options for back light – blue, red and purple. There is a cool feature for pulse lighting as well. You can switch between them as per your wish. Also, there is an option to control the brightness of the back light. The brightness can be controlled via a dial that is located at the top of keyboard.

The keyboard has 9 media keys, so this makes it stand like a better option as compared to the previous option of keyboard. Macro functions and key switching is also a feature, which is limited to certain keys only. Also, the WASD keys are switchable and can be used as arrow keys. Although it does not have mechanical switches, you will find the keys responsive and comfortable enough.

You certainly won’t get any features like anti ghosting or N key rollover at this price. Also, the keyboard lacks on customization options. The raise bars on the top – backside aren’t of much help if you are a user who loves a more slant typing surface. 


Features at a glance

  • 3 color backlight, with brightness adjustment
  • 6 dedicated macro keys
  • 3 different profiles
  • 9 dedicated media keys




  • Value for price
  • Macro functions
  • Key switching
  • LED back lit with 3 colors and brightness adjustment
  • No customization 


9. Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard with USB Gaming Mouse

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard

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This is another keyboard with a set of 104 keys which is standard. The build is not too strong and it more like hard plastic. But it has good design and at the bottom there are vinyl like design stickers which goes well with the looks.

This gaming keyboard also has 12 multi media keys, but they are combined with function keys. So don’t assume that the media keys are dedicated! Also, the keyboard is splash proof, so it will take few liquid spills without harm. And the WASD keys can be used as the arrow keys, thanks to the interchangeable feature.

The input speed can be adjusted with an adjusting gear. Don’t really know if that is a valuable feature for gamers, but it’s there for your use. Again, the anti ghosting and N key rollover is missing. Regrettably  you do not get any LED back light as well. The USB cable is a good 5 ft. long, but it can get messy if you can’t place the wire properly!

The only perk with this keyboard is that it comes with nice looking gaming mouse. The mouse has 3 DPI settings (1000, 1600, 2000). The mouse material seems more robust than that of the keyboard. Moreover, the gaming mouse is back-lit. It comes with 6 functional buttons and 8 built in weights. Another good feature is the teflon padding underneath that provides a good grip and it can work on most surfaces.


Features at a glance

  • Laser engraved keys
  • 12 multimedia keys (not dedicated keys)
  • Interchangeable WASD and arrow keys
  • Comes with a 2000 DPI mouse with 3 DPI settings
  • Mouse has 6 buttons and 8 built-in weights




  • Splash proof
  • LED lit gaming mouse
  • No customization 
  • Backlight absent
  • No anti ghosting
  • No N key rollover


10. EagleTec K005 Gaming Keyboard

Eagletech K005 Gaming Keyboard

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This keyboard is an amazing choice with all the features it offers at such a low price. Hence it makes up in our list of best gaming keyboard. The design is great and at the bottom it extends a bit far to provide a semi wrist rest. In addition to this, the design is splash proof as well.

The keyboard has LED back lights with not just one but 7 colors are available to switch from. The function keys are dual function and combines the media keys. The keys have a concave shape i.e. an inward bend which makes typing easy and comfortable. The build quality is not top notch, but worth of the price!

A gaming mouse is also included with the keyboard. The design of the mouse is not too much out of the box, but it looks bold. Moreover it has 5 functional buttons and the response is quite good. There are 3 DPI levels to switch between (1000, 1500 and 2000). The mouse is also LED lit. The good thing about the mouse is that fits well on the hand and is great to hold even after long hours of use. 

You will obviously be missing out on feature like lack of customization, anti ghosting and N key rollover. But if you look at the bundle and it’s price, it can be the best gaming keyboard in combination with the gaming mouse.

Features at a glance

  • 7 color backlit keyboard
  • Multimedia keys 
  • Comes with a 2000 DPI mouse, with 3 DPI settings
  • Mouse has 5 customizable buttons




  • Splash resistant
  • 7 color LED backlit (at this price)
  • LED lit gaming mouse
  • No customization 
  • Anti ghosting is not available
  • No N key rollover


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