What To Wear On a Rainy Day? 7 Best Accessories To Try This Monsoon

What to wear on a rainy Day? This dilemma haunts every living person. Pitter-Patter outside your windows, the wet soil smell, the lush green environment and the tiny balls of ice that fall from the sky, all of it signifies rain. Scared of dampening your fashion statement in the monsoon? Don’t worry we have some style tips that will leave an impeccable mark even during monsoons.

What to wear on a rainy day

Accessories play a vital role in making a style statement along with the clothes in monsoon. Accessories act as a factor that makes you stand out if your clothes are simple and sober. Even the most stunning dress goes unmatched if accessorizing has not been done appropriately. One has to always be careful with the choice of accessories. For monsoon, in particular, we need to carry and wear only those accessories which will not get spoiled by rain. The right combination of colorful accessories makes the monsoon attire not only appealing but worthless. Retro styles in the hues of orange, monochrome, deep shades in digital prints, newspaper prints, fancy star prints and patterns work both vibrant and stylish for this season. Still asking what to wear on a rainy day? Then see our list of monsoon accessories.

1. Raincoats and Umbrellas to your rescue

All the monsoon lovers would love to add lots of bright colors to the season. A rainbow colored umbrella will add to your persona. Umbrellas with polka dots or even the transparent ones are in a trend these days. Neon umbrellas can also be looked out for as it adds a bit zing. Choose a bold color umbrella or a rain trench coat with a belt that displays your free spirit. If you want to flaunt your dress then you can always go for transparent raincoats. Also, raincoats with detachable hoods can add versatility to your look. Now every time when the sky opens up with a heavy downpour just set yourself free and enjoy.

Umbrella to the rescue

2. Gumboots

It is quite a daunting task to maintain a balance between keeping your feet clean and protected, whereas stylish at the same time. Gumboots are an ideal pair which you should go for. Ditch away your sandals, heels and leather shoes for the monsoon. Gumboots have a good grip to protect you from slipping. Opt for knee length gumboots in quirky hues such as turquoise, yellow and fuchsia pink. It will also help you in dodging the puddles while giving a trendy look.


3. Waterproof Handbags and Wallets

Waterproof leather bags will actually work, as bags are an essential accessory to cast a statement. Quirky looking handbags such as printed, floral and beautiful patterns manage to hit the showers with a style. Pick transparent bags which are made from PVC or cast leather material to go trendy this season. Faux leather bags can also outshine as they work as a perfect embellishment to your outfit. Carrying vinyl covers to protect your bag which isn’t water resistant is also huge in this season. Thus bags of various hues of the sea to dark shades of green can also be a choice of the season.

Handbags and wallets

4. Waterproof Digital Watches 

They are an essential to everyone’s routine life. Don’t forget to buy a waterproof watch for yourself to save it from getting spoilt this season. A good watch can give your attire a completely different look. A water resistant watch will also be of light weight and have an anti-reflective face to it. Watch with pastel colored bands such as peach helps in lightening the mood. Other than these options, girls can go for light weight watches which significantly come with narrow dials. Colored watches will also be a bold statement when it comes to the rainy season.

Waterproof watches

5. Trendy yet Simple Scarves

During monsoon, dressing up for every outing in an innovative way can get difficult sometimes. That’s when scarves come to your rescue. Scarves are a perfect blend and also a substitute. You can save yourself from the hassle of handling a raincoat hoodie by getting a perfect scarf for yourself. They are perfect adornment to an outfit. They are also handy, if you are feeling cold during times of heavy rainfall. Cotton, chiffon are perfect materials for the monsoon. Pairing it up with acrylic rings and bracelets will also add to its beauty.


6. Capris and Shorts

Blended fabrics of poly nylon and cotton will be an ideal choice as far as clothing for monsoon is considered. Avoiding crepe and chiffon clothes are desirable as they will lose their sheen ones they become wet. Capris designed with a proper fitting will not only flatter your shape but also protect the wearer from wet conditions. Designer’s favorite palette of purple, lemon yellow and green are some of the best picks for the monsoon. Tying your hair into a knot or braided look can also add that cool factor in your style.

Shorts and Capris

7. Colorful Jewelry

The right combination of colorful accessories makes monsoon attire playful as well as ethnic. Aqua colored beads, funky translucent bangles makes a match for monsoon clothing. Trendy accessories can be teamed with palazzos or even tank tops to match up the monsoon clothing. A girlish jewelry like a single pendant and acrylic accessories gives a sporty look for the rainy season. Beautiful bracelets, one bright neckpiece, earrings, and neck pieces made of plastic, rubber, and acrylic gives a trendy look to your statement of showers. Beige tinted with multicolored bangles also play a good role in monsoons.

Colorful jewelry

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