7 Types of Roommates You Are Bound to Encounter in Your Life

If you are in your 20’s, then this is the phase in your life when you move out of your house and meet all types of roommates. Once you move out, either in a dorm or suite-style apartment, you’ll have a roommate or two to share it with. Unlike your friends and family who always support you, there are some roommates who often become the bane of your existence. While some of them may become the awesome part of your family. One of the perks of being young – carefree is that you will be penniless for most of the time (in the literal sense) so you’ll need to live with them so as to save them. For few students, this might be a huge change in lifestyle as it is nerve-wracking but for few of them, it might be really fun.

Though everyone is a bit different, this list might help you know what types of roommates you may encounter in your life.

1. The OCD Freak

What a great roommate – they definitely do more than their fair share. In fact, the best among all types of roommates you will come across. If you are the tidy one too, getting along with this neat freak is not a big thing for you; but if this is not the case then all the best folks you got some serious issues to handle. You are certain that this roommate usually spends most of the time in cleaning, organizing and vacuuming things rather than studying. If you have one sock placed on the couch and an empty water bottle in the freezer, then it’s the dead end, guys. They will literally use a tape to decide which side of the room they own and which you. And believe me, DO NOT LET YOUR THINGS cross that line…. Ever! It’s nice to keep things neat and organized but at times it’s quite problematic.

Types of roommates - the OCD

2. The Couch Potato

There is a polar bear, the panda and then this slobby roommate of yours. Let it be thunder strike or tornado ripping through your room, this couch potato won’t move even a single bit of his ass. They will never clean up their mess, having leftover snacks for years and all those laundries under the bed, spilled soda cans along with rotten food – an entire stinking mess. Just opposite of the neat freak, these are definitely one step further. Avoiding them is not a solution you need to deal with these eternal slobs smartly. They will either be glued to their laptop or watch movies all day. One of the laziest types of roommates you will ever come across.

Types of roommates - the couch potato

3. The Gourmand

Believe me, things can’t be better in your hostel-life if you have a roommate who loves cooking. This roommate definitely pleases you by turning your dining hall fare into a gourmet. The pleasing smell from your kitchen and being served with five – course meals daily is something that you can’t complain about. I guess the only downside of having this roommate is that they will start breaking the pans and pots at three in morning. Keeping this aside, Dude… Believe me, you are blessed..! These are only the best types of roommates you can find.

Types of roommates - the gourmand

4. The Party freak

You are totally in love with this roommate, but at times they are really no picnic to you. It doesn’t matter which day of the week it is, for them every day is a party. Let it be exam the next week or the next day, this party animal never refuses to attend one. Chilling out on weekends with them can’t be any better. They’ll take you out to the coolest clubs and hanging out with their friends is again too swaggy. They must have definitely earned their Bachelors degree in Alcohol at least twice. Head over heels music, constantly inviting friends over and finally making silence the most sacred thing ever are their inbuilt gifts from God.

It’s indeed fun to have such roommates along with you but sometimes it gets on your nerves when you see people partying and boozing in your room after having a long tiring day, worse than this is the next morning when you find your place with an almost impossible mess. Beware, guys..!

Types of roommates - the party freak

5. The Hermit

You wake up… They are there! You have your lunch break… They are there! You return from college… And again they are there! Either this roommate is truly madly and deeply in love with the room or maybe this one is just too bored with life. Unlike the scary ghosts, you blindly know where to find them – “in his room”. It makes us wonder do they even visit the bathroom. Saturday night is spent watching Netflix on their couch and Sunday brunch on their futon. They are so much in love with their room that they even avoid going for classes. How do they even pass their exams? For some, it might be too boring but for such kind of people, it may be over comfortable. Respect!

Types of roommates - the hermit

6. The Absent one

Totally opposite is the case here. Weekends at home, staying with significant others or camping out in the library, they are always the missing one. It makes you wonder if this roommate really exists or not. It’s the last time you saw them for about 2 – 3 weeks ago just for few minutes while packing their stuff. Like really, where do these people hide? Now when this missing scenario reaches a limit, you always consider reporting them as missing. But then there is a second thought that comes to mind, Why not own this room? Like a boss!

Types of roommates - the absent one

7. The Clingy one

“Oh! I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” The best-suited line for this clingy one. This roommate of yours really has some serious issues with giving space to people around. A long hour of chat session along with words vomiting over your brain is a mere thing for this fella. It seems very difficult for this roommate to put the “apart” in “apartment.” Every single bit of your time should be reserved to listen to their jabbers. They can talk about any possible things from their childhood stories to their neighbors, from their friends to their maids…. Believe me… Anything..! 

Types of roommates - the clingy one

Having good friends is really the best thing in hostel-life but the overly friendly one is indeed difficult to handle. Usually, they are afraid of being left out. What you can do is gently get them out of the branch by introducing them to some other friends around and Bingo..! You can do your own things too without any guilt of hurting them.

There is room for plenty more mischief. What do you think?Let us know what types of roommates we missed out on and which one are you among these… or your roommate…

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