10 Most Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around the World

If you are planning a trip around the world then it will be incomplete without these weird alcoholic drinks. Food and drinks around the world are well-known for the vast variety and flavors. However, some food or beverages might seem less-appealing but worth the taste. Here are the lists of some really weird liquor that people attempt to drink during their trip which you should try too. These weird alcoholic drinks sound crazy and they definitely taste crazy too.

1. Cheese Drink

If you are a cheese snob and cheese carts and cheese shops intimidate you, then cheese drink is the perfect pick for satisfying your cravings. In order to promote the awareness of health benefits of cheese among the children, the NEEDS Cheese Company in Hokkaido, Japan decided to go some other way round. Instead of using cheese in the eatables, they created cheese drink and cherry on the top is that these cheese drinks are available in three appealing flavors – Yuzu Citrus, Berry, and Plain. Feeling hungry and in no mood to have to drink it, this cheesy shot can be used as salad dressing or melting cheese in pizza. Interesting? Isn’t it?

Weird alcoholic drinks - Cheese drink

2. Bilk

The confusion of whether to drink a beer or milk never has to be made again and the credit goes to Bilk..! Combination of half-beer and half-milk drink was created to solve the ever-growing problem of excess leftover milk in town. Instead, to solve this deadly problem, a brewery in North Japan, mixed a latte with some yeast and hops and also added some fruit flavoring and then Bilk was born. Definitely one of the most weird alcoholic drinks.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Bilk

3. Three Penis Wine

Although it sounds disgusting of gulping such a bottle of rice wine that contains seal penis, deer penis, and Cantonese dog penis the main leverage of consumption of this drink is that it acts as an energy booster and increases the potency and virility in males. Though this beverage tastes like a vintage port that had gone really, really bad and hung out with some sherry and some prunes, it definitely has loads of benefits in medicinal science. This drink is by fast the most weird alcoholic drinks.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Three penis wine

4. Snake Bile Wine

Served as a specialty in restaurants all over Vietnam, Snake wine is the liquor aisle which is combined with rice wine and venomous snakes. It might sound very dangerous but this beverage is prepared by dipping the venomous snake either dead or alive into the bottle of rice wine (alcohol) and is served unless and until the venoms broken and completely dissolved with the wine. Beware delicate darlings…! Weird alcoholics drinks coming through.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Snake bile wine

5. Scorpio Wine

This might again sound crazy as hell but similar to the snake wines, Vietnamese also serves Scorpio Wines in restaurants. Although these drinks are alcoholic but are very useful in the medical treatments and various health conditions. This liquor consists of the dead fermented Scorpio’s negated sting mixed along with the rice wine.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Scorpio wine

6. Baby Mice Wine

Baby mice wine, the old tradition of Chinese and Koreans, is a health tonic as it improves the health conditions though it tastes like gasoline. Little, tiny-miny mice, still having their eyes closed, are snatched from their mother and stuffed in the bottle of rice wine while they are still alive. Kept for fermenting and later consumed. Sounds evil but helps a lot.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Baby mice wine

7. Eggermeister

Sounds hideous but is actually fun. Eggermeister as the name says it all is the combination of the most popular alcohol Jagermeister along with an egg. Now the fun part is this liquor contains pickled egg dropped in the glass full of Jagermeister and what one need s to do is ‘Drink yet bite’.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Eggermeister

8. Pizza Beer

What better could the people in Chicago plan – to combine beer and pizza? The addition of a bag of garlic, surplus tomatoes, and a bottle of beer brought up the idea of Pizza beer which is not only simply drinkable but also in high demand over the market. Definitely a thing to try once in a lifetime.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Pizza beer

9. Eel Soda

Feeling weak and low? Boost up yourself by consuming the soda which is made by using the eel extract. This fishy drink Unagi Nobori not only contains the eel extract but is rich in various vitamins of fish. Sounds terrific but worth the shot.

Weird alcoholic drinks - Eel Soda

10. Kid’s Beer

Like various other inventions, Japan also introduced this amazing liquor for kids called as ‘Kids Beer’. As the slogan goes ‘Even Kids cannot stand unless they have a drink’, is the best suitable one as the liquor do contains the frizz and foams like in the usual beer but the best part is it tastes like cola. Best idea for those parents who want them to be accompanied by their kids while drinking… Cheers..!

Weird alcoholic drinks - Beer for Kids

Weird drinks but worth the shot..! Have you tried any of these weird drinks? If yes then let us know in the comments below and if not then do try !

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