8 Best Places to Visit in The Netherlands

Looking for places to visit in The Netherlands? Netherlands is the most urbanised and densely populated nation in Europe. It also has the most impelling places to visit in its bag pack. Also known as Holland, this nation incorporates three major island territories in the Caribbean. Although almost half of the country is under water, it’s mainly man-made affair. From its ancient historic windmills to mesmerising tulip fields. Atmospheric cellar bars to its world-renown artistic work. Discovering Netherlands’ delight is the most intriguing thing to do. Definitely the visit to Holland is incomplete without enjoying the cosmopolitan life of the capital city, Amsterdam. The legacy of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age is still seen today.

Apart from the laid back lifestyle of Amsterdam, there is much more appealing sites to discover. The captivating country side bursting with beautiful flora and fauna along with the wildlife and mind- blowing world-class arts and Rijksmuseum is worth venturing for. For the food-lovers, Netherlands is the healthiest place in the world. The Dutch are real lovers of cheese as well. Moreover for the bike lovers, bikes are the ideal way for any visitor to have fun in Netherlands. It is famous for its elaborate canal system and narrow houses . Netherlands should surely be in the wish list to have great vacation. Here is a list of 8 best places to visit in The Netherlands.

1. Amsterdam

Europe’s one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is widely famous for its party flavour and fabulous monumental buildings. Arched bridges over the elaborated canal system, ancient art galleries and the beauty of the Mother Nature at the national park makes this place the most vibrant city. Hoping on to the boat and visiting the entire city through criss-cross canal is bliss. Cycle everywhere! Cycle is the most safe and most widely used mode of transportation here. Amsterdam has proved to be the best tourist destination in Europe while exploring the eccentricities and marvellous monuments and buildings dotting over the 60 long miles canals covering the entire city.

Bracing on one side with great inspirations from the Anne Frank House and museum, this city is widely famous for the night-life, cosmopolitan lifestyle, cannabis practise as well as for the red-light area. Combination of its rich historic culture and modern touch adorns this beautiful city.

Places to visit in The Netherlands - Amsterdam

2. Delft

Located in the south province of Holland, this antiquated appearance of the town is still diligently restored. The City’s tall building along with traditional architecture vibe replicates the Renaissance period. Famed for the Deft Blue pottery, Netherlands’ one of the best University of Technology resides here. This city is the perfect vacation if you are too bored with the busy streets and long stay at Amsterdam. Likewise Amsterdam, this city is also built on the canals and is world-famous for the pottery of very-known old master Johannes Vermeer. His world-class hand-painted blue and white Delft Blue earthenware is worth visiting for. Traditional canals, historic architecture, Science centre, Museums and churches, world-class pottery, Delft is indeed the city of rich history and you will definitely be enthralled to pay a visit here.

Places to visit in The Netherlands - Delft

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3. Rotterdam

Flanked by the largest port of Europe at the centre and consisting of large network of logistic and economic centres, Rotterdam is considered to be the most developed city of Netherlands’ also it is considered to be the rivalry of Amsterdam Well-known for the Erasmus University, Rotterdam is the place rich in its cultural life and maritime heritage. Adorned with Erasmus Bridge, this place definitely outshines nature’s beauty and attracting various European visitors especially at the time of summertime festivals and carnivals. Famed for its gorgeous waterside setting, high-commercial lifestyle, university vibes and well-designed architecture, Rotterdam is the liveliest city in Europe. Whether you’re interested in shopping, architecture, art and culture life, or adventurous nightlife, Rotterdam has it all in its bag pack. There may be perpetual rivalry among the cities, but there is a famous quote.

“Amsterdam has it, but Rotterdam doesn’t need it…!”


4. Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands. It is the fifth largest city of Netherlands and is a box full of magic. The rustling and bustling city of Eindhoven is dominated by inextricable industrial development, technology hub, historical heritages and various recreational areas. Keen interest in design, Eindhoven is the place. Rent a bike and just drive yourself all over the city by enjoying the beauty of nature at Genneper Park and get yourself in love with ever-growing technology at the Philips Industry. Capital of Dutch design, this city has also various events, workshops and exhibitions which are world-famous. Eindhoven is currently famous for the high-tech industries and cutting-edge architectural designs. If at all your kids are crazy about all these things, this is the place to go. 

Places to visit in The Netherlands - Eindhoven

5. Utrecht

For over centuries Utrecht is the religious centre and a city of Christian monuments and vulnerable universities. The most exclusive trait is the inner canal wharf system. It was built to stave off the parts of the Rhine River from breaching the city centre. Utrecht has proved to be the most important transportation hub in Netherlands. This medieval city is small enough to explore on foot but it surely proves to be large enough to attract world-class museums, fascinating architecture, cafes and sops, inspiring architects. Netherlands world famous tulip fields which resides in Utrecht. This is such a beautiful place and certainly one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands. If you have never been there then you should certainly go.


6. The Hague

“The judicial capital of the world” The Hague, located at the Western province of the country, is one of the most important and urbanised cities of Netherlands. Widely known as the Royal city, tourists often enjoy luring along the North Sea during summers. The Hague’s famous governmental buildings are imposed here even though Amsterdam is the capital city. Contemporary art exhibits, luxury department stores, cozy shops. International art galleries, fine art museums, posh neighbourhoods, beaches, skyscrapers, cutting-edge architecture are the main attraction of this place. Apart from two rivalry cities, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Hague is the also in the wish list of many tourists. Other than these attractions, The Hague includes the miniature city, Madurodam and a 360 degree panoramic view of the Scheveningen Sea which is worth venturing for.

Places to visit in The Netherlands - The Hague

7. The Gouda

Renowned for its namesake cheese and seasonal cheese market regularly held in Market Square, Gouda located in the South province of Holland is the best place for foodies and cheese lovers. This city remains a popular tourist destination due to its cheese heritage. Dedicated to John Baptist, the impressive church stands in the centre of Gouda is famous throughout the country for its beautiful glass windows and impressive architectural designs. There is great display of paintings, sculptures and ceramics from various periods found here. Art and culture lovers, Gouda is the must place to visit. This is certainly one of the best places to visit in The Netherlands.

Places to visit in The Netherlands - The Gouda

8. Haarlem

“The Flowery city of Netherlands” Haarlem is the place that every culture devotee, historic buff and enthusiastic shopper will look forward to visit. Retaining the medieval character of cobblestone streets and gabled houses This tulip capital city has never failed to maintain its charming vibe. Located at 20 km west to Amsterdam, on the banks of River Spaarne, this city has the highest number of historic museums and world-famous architectural design in Netherlands. Moreover, Haarlem is the place for beer lovers. It’s the second largest beer exporter in the world. Definitely one of the best places to visit in The Netherlands.

“Good people – good beer.”

Places to visit in The Netherlands - Haarlem

Go and lose yourself in the historic and culture rich nation of Netherlands. Enjoy the cosmopolitan night-life. Lets us know what’s your favourite place in the Netherlands?

“het allerbeste en veel plezier….!”

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