7 Basic Types of Heels For Women to Have in Your Closet

So many types of heels for women are available these days, you can buy them online as well. If fashion, styling, accessorizing is a crucial aspect of life, there is no way that you can ignore the most pivotal part of daily attire – i.e. footwear. Alluring and sophisticated is the synonym to heels that exists in various shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of heels for every occasion. Your fancy towards those high pencils can bring out the magic to astonish the world.

Significant of boosting your confidence and precisely making you look tall, heels play an important role to make you look attractive. High heels also makes your figure look voluptuous. This is the reason why women often tend to flaunt their curvaceous back and toned legs who prefer wearing high heels. Well, not to forget the motive behind wearing heels that it gives the illusion of slim and slender figure. That is probably why women love high heels all the more. If you are still looking out for a perfect pair, here is an ultimate guide to every type of heel that you can pair with your Silhouette outfits. Here is a list of some basic types of heels for women to have in your closet.

1. Peep Toe Pumps

They are no taller than 2-3 inches and have a cut around the toes. It covers the surface area of our feet just leaving the toes exposed in a particular fashion that often varies. Freedom of wearing shalwars as well as jeans is totally yours. Peep Toe Pumps can actually give a smothering evening look as they are distinctive in the shapes they are available in. These are a must have heels for women.

Heels For Women Peep Toe Pumps

2. Sandal heels

They are known as regular sandals but with an added heel of any variety. Traditionally wearing sandal heels doesn’t hold a fear of tripping down because it is designed in such a fashion that casual summer brunch or evening gown can be paired up. Though they come in all kinds of styles which signifies this shoe is a tiny gap at the front that reveals toes. Roll it up with a leather outfit or a frill skirt for that awed look.

Heels For Women Sandal Heels


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3. Stilettos

These are probably the heels you need to get your hands on when your fabulous pedicure and nail paint are in a mood to play peek a boo. Flattering their bodies off and making them appear more slender is an aim why stilettos were designed. Likely, stilettos are sexy because a woman wearing them will definitely turn heads. Moreover, these high heels have stunning accents which draw attention. Black leather stilettoes are in trend these days that enhances sex appeal in a woman. Definitely, the best and must have heels for women.

Heels For Women Stilettos

4. Wedges

If carried with right attitude and dress, wedges are superbly comfortable and also provides a solid platform that will keep you from tottering. Stylish wedges not only draw attention but makes a woman feel more confident. Additionally, wedges can make you look assertive and magnify her persona. If you love wearing taller heels, but also would love some relief from too much foot pressure, try out wedges. They instantly give your feet the support they need without sacrificing on the style statement.

Heels For Women Wedges

5. Ankle Booties

The younger sister of high heeled boots, they are phenomenal for any season that does not require full knee length variety. Boots cover the part of the leg as well as foot. Ankle booties are seen to possess the shape of any heel that makes a difference. In the contrast, heel and the ankle remains clung to the feet in a fashionable way. To truly show off the stunners, pair them up with colorful skirts, tunics or folded jeans. Neon boots are these days in a trend exaggerating the foot-look it also manages to outstand amongst the generic pattern.

Heels For Women Ankle Booties

6. Kitten heels

For those who cannot fathom walking around in high heels for hours at a time, kitten heels were designed for you. These heels are not only comfortable, small but are a perfect blend of comfort and style. They are perfect for not only the workplace but even also casual outings. Kitten heels can be paired up with skinny jeans or team it up with colored jeggings for greatest effect. Silver pointed kitten heels, have spikes and is a tie up. Definitely, outshines when worn with hot pants or a party wear.

Heels For Women Kitten Heels

7. Ankle strap heels/ Lace Corset

Our footwear collection is incomplete without a good pair of heels. From black high pencil heels to pumps and stilettoes, we need to grab all those varied heels and match up with our wardrobe. Ankle straps may not have a pairing teamed up with or accessories for every occasion, but their collection which consists of laces and knots are always a stronger part. The manner in which ankle strap wraps up the feet is worth buying them. Corset hinged up, toes sometimes hidden sometimes exposed is what makes it variable in the form that they are stocked. Pairing them up with any floral print or a base color will leave everyone’s jaw dropped.

Heels For Women Ankle Strap Heels

If you don’t have these basic awesome heels for women then you need to get them as soon as possible. Also if we missed some of your favorite heels then let us know in the comments below.

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