A Guide to Selecting Style and Theme for Graduation Lawn Signs

Graduation is a beautiful event in one’s life. It is a day when your loved ones are extremely proud of you and your achievement. A group of friends and family coming from near and far to celebrate your accomplishments can truly add to the entire cause of celebration. If you are planning to throw a big celebration party for your graduation, adding lawn signs can be a great way to make the party more lively and exciting.

Of course, you want the finished product to look as beautiful as possible. Selecting a suitable graduation yard sign from various designs, styles, and themes for your celebration can be a challenging task.

This article will help you understand how to buy lawn signs for a graduation ceremony.

Which Theme to Choose?

According to reports, the projected number of bachelor's degree recipients in the US in 2019-2020 is around 1.99 million.
Graduation should be a period of celebration, and picking a suitable theme should reflect the personality of the graduate and the joyful spirit of the occasion. Some of the most popular graduation lawn sign themes include:

Beach Theme

If a boating school is where you will start your working life, why not commemorate that on a beach-themed sign? With anchors or words like ‘Seas the Day,' this graduation yard sign is an aquatic twist on traditional graduation signs.

Best Friends

One great way to show how proud you are as a graduate is by dedicating your lawn signs to those who have been by your side from day one!

Show off those timeless friendships with sayings such as ‘Love ya all ways,' ‘Best friends for a reason, and ‘Friends will always be there.


While the future might seem a little vague for a theme, it’s packed with meaning. Show how excited you are to start this new chapter in your life with phrases like ‘An adventure begins’ or ‘The next step is always worth taking.’


The theme is prevalent among parents who will stop at nothing to show their love for you on this special day. Some sayings include: ‘Family always loves you unconditionally’, ‘You’ll always be my baby’, and ‘You mean everything to me’. These signs are perfect for setting the right tone during your family photo shoot.

What Are Your Options?

Here are the styles you can consider when buying graduation lawn signs.

Option #1

Traditional graduation lawn signs feature your name and graduation date in large print at the top of the sign, with room below for additional text such as your address, a special message from a loved one, or your school’s name.

Option #2

Class of 2021 graduation lawn signs feature the classic text ‘Class of 2021’ at the top of the page. For an extra pop of color, consider adding a border of your school's colors around the outside of the sign.

Option #3

Script name graduation lawn signs give your name extra flair with a cursive font at the top of the sign, paired with additional text such as address and congratulatory message.

Graduation is an exciting period in anyone’s life, so why not capture all of that excitement with lawn signs? With plenty of designs and styles available, you can pick one that suits your loved ones’ personalities or favorite graduation memories.

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