5 Best Herbal Supplements To Improve Memory And Concentration

The brain is the most potent asset a human being can have and it’s the head that rules the game. Brain like any other part of the body needs nutrition to address the issues that overall handle the body functions, but they are not normal nutrients since the organ of concern is a special one which influences the total well-being of a human. We need something that is designed to deliver the required but without any harmful side-effects which otherwise will be potent for the brain.

What are herbal supplements

A lot of you have an idea about natural medicines. Herbal supplements are natural supplements which retain the authenticity of natural medicines without any commercial molding. Herbal supplements are simply the essential nutrients straight out of nature's lap and they have that something which is making them preferable for the mass and paving way to a whole new world of safe and effective medicines. Let us state a few reasons why herbal supplements are the best choice:

 Herbal supplements are cheap, safe and the best part they are readily available.

 Herbal supplements are natural and are ready-to-use. They don’t have any stringent dos
and dont like their allopathic counterparts.

 Herbal supplements are pure and the best part they can be taken without any additives.

 Herbal supplements are simply natural mental anabolics which show all the features of any commercial product with a price and side-effects not worth the effort.

 Herbal supplements are natural products without any withdrawal effects and the best part it’s free if you know how to obtain it.

 Herbal supplements are safe. But don’t act out of half-knowledge rather consult your physician for the proper guidance.

Herbal supplements

Also known as Herbal notropics with features that enhance mood, sharpen concentration and improve focus without any ill-effects of nasty withdrawal symptoms. These operate by controlling the neurotransmitters and the essential hormones which keep an overview of transmission of nerve impulses. Acting as a catalyst, as effective as any other commercial chemical supplements, the herbal supplements have something which makes them a must try for all.

Huperzine A

A powerful and effective extract from the Chinese club moss plant Huperzia serrata, Huperzine A is an effective drug that finds application in ancient medicines. The drug has its fair share of the application as a memory enhancer. Other than helping in the development of cognitive functions and learning ability, Huperzine A shows serious application as an Alzheimer’s medicine and helps in reducing brain inflammation along with additive effects of a potent nerve stimulator. Huperzine A is not only safe and effective but also cheap as one can grow it at home given the presence of ample space and patience. Though not a chemical product, but its are more than meets the eyes.

DOSAGE: 50-100 mcg/twice/day


Obtained from Rhodiolaroseaa.k.athe arctic root or the golden root, Rhodiola is an effective adaptogen with applications dating back to hundreds of years old as a herbal drug in natural medicines. Rhodiola is an effective stress buster which stimulates the nerve by enhancing the circulation level in the brain. It helps in fatigue and stress reduction along with enhanced concentration ability and the marked effect of lowered cortisol which otherwise add pressure and stress to the body. It also finds application amongst people with little symptoms of stress and depression and acts as an effective nerve relaxant.

DOSAGE: 340 mg/twice-a-day


An effective extract from the Brahmi plant(Bacopa monnieri). A medicinal extract with the application that dates back to a century old in Ayurveda and it's fame for being an effective brain stimulator. Bacopa acts an effective medicine which post application has enhanced performances which includes mental activity amongst participants. Other than being a safe drug used by students and folks from an educational background, Bacopa has shown quality results while treating Alzheimer’s disease in old age. It also shows activity against the degeneration of nerve cells which on the other hand causes amnesia with higher age. Simply speaking, Bacopa acts as a natural preserving of nerve and brain.

DOSAGE: 150-300 mg/day

Lion’s Mane

It’s an edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group. Hericiumerinaceus can be identified by its distinct mane like fluffy appearance. Lion's mane is used as a culinary product thanks to its nutrient quality and the distinct taste which mushroom lovers are delighted by. It’s mainly effective as a Nerve Growth Factor enhancer as it contains those essential proteins which shall safeguard and protect the valuable nervous system. It not only enhances nerve impulse conduction but also acts as neuroprotective and cognitive enhancers as it contains hericenones and erinacines.

DOSAGE: 500-750 mg/day


A naturally occurring substance in the body which is an intermediate product in the cells, Citicoline has extensive functions which include treatment of brain dysfunctions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It also plays an extensive role in healing traumatic experiences, brain injury, post-operational traumas along with ADHD problems. Regular application of citicoline has shown extensive enhancement in patients with dementia or memory-related problems in old age. Citicoline has a unique property of helping the brain retain its neuroplasticity which helps the brain repair the damaged cellular components at the same time helps maintain the nerve components in order. Citicoline has additional benefits of providing sharp concentration and attention span amongst users, it also enhances motor movements which provide good reflexes. In one word, magnificent it is.

DOSAGE: 250-500 mg/day


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Medicines are not amongst the best of things in life but they are essentials which we live by. It’s that bitter thing which has sweet effects, but herbal supplements are like essential food which acts like medicines. It’s best to take your food as medicine else medicine would end up as your only food.

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