3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Spread Positivity in Their Business During Tough Times

As the coronavirus era persists, leaders across industries are struggling to keep the positivity in their organizations high. The once-useful methods that carried you through the first few months of the pandemic may no longer be as effective as they once were, and you can feel the optimism waning with each new Zoom meeting you host.

Dealing with positivity in the workplace is always challenging. Thankfully, there are tested-and-proven ways to solve it. What you need is a new strategy that better suits your employees’ evolving needs and values their happiness and satisfaction.

As you endeavor to find the method that works for you, remember that accepting change and  experimenting is part of your success. This may mean investing in new training solutions from expert coaches and starting team habits like saying the abundance prayer Simona Rich; the specific activities that work for you might come as a surprise. Regardless, if they enable you to improve the positivity among your employees, then, by all means, embrace them.

Celebrate Small Victories

During tough times, acknowledging small wins goes a long way. You don’t have to wait to finish that big project or finalize that new business model before you give your colleagues a virtual high five. Waiting to achieve milestones before celebrating can lead you to overlook things worth recognizing, like a team member that came up with a last-minute solution or another member that onboarded a major client. Consider these “behind the scenes” of your big win a great opportunity to show your employees gratitude for their hard work. Even a brief mention of their contribution via email or a small token sent to their homes is a sure way to boost their optimism.

This is how you can set the momentum for a culture of gratitude and positivity in your organization. Once your employees see that you’re quick to give affirmative feedback when due, they’ll inevitably mimic the behavior. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice that they’re happier with their job and professional relationships because of this.

Offer Inclusive Flexibility

A recent study shows that over 40% of employees around the world are suffering from poor mental health due to the pandemic. Your company’s leadership team plays a crucial role in addressing this matter and making your employees feel safe despite the many uncertainties they face daily.

You can do this to offer inclusive flexibility, which involves norm-setting that accommodates your team members’ specific needs. Think parents, high-risk individuals, and team members who are looking after sick relatives.

Plan your check-ins so that you can remain updated on their situation. Engaging them in honest conversations about their struggles will give you an idea of how you can support their mental health and improve their work processes. This will inevitably boost their spirits and give them renewed vigour towards their job.

Make Positive Messaging a Habit

While you’re doing your check-ins, promote positive language and habits like saying the abundance prayer by Simona Rich. Bear in mind that words are powerful. Giving them empowering mantras and prayers will help them receive your message better. You should also be careful to choose words with positive associations when you’re communicating with
your employees.

Letting them know that they have a steady supply of encouragement at work will increase their satisfaction and establish a general mood of positivity in your organization.

It’s a Process

Spreading positivity is a never-ending process that evolves with time and circumstances. You can take comfort in the fact that other entrepreneurs have succeeded in maintaining an attitude of optimism in their companies using these methods, and so can you.

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