Customisable Reusable Coffee Cups: Your Next Promotional Weapon?

Promotional products are a great way to promote your brand. You can get the word out in the easiest of ways. As and when you feel the need to distribute promotional products, you should consider using customisable reusable coffee cups.

There are a few good reasons why they are superior to other items like pens, notebooks, and bags. This article discusses how reusable coffee mugs can help you achieve your promotional goals.

Why are Reusable Coffee Cups Great Promotional Tools?

When you promote something, you give away the product as free as a solo product or as an add-on to another product. In some cases, you might charge a few dollars. Either way, the goal remains the same: to make an impression in the recipient's mind.

Coffee cups or mugs are an excellent promotional tool because they're ubiquitous and used all the time. People will have them at their work desk, in their living room, in their bedroom, in their backyard, you name it.

So when they're more visible, people are going to see your brand more often. Thanks to repetitive marketing, this can increase brand awareness, brand familiarity, and trust. If you're handing out the cups to your employees, you can expect them to be more loyal to your business.

Since people will use the coffee mug often, they'll get to see your message regularly. You have the entire surface of the mug to yourself, where you can include your logo, tagline, or any marketing message.

So the next time you think of distributing promotional gift items, think of the customisable, reusable coffee cups.

Types of Coffee Mugs

When you set out to purchase coffee mugs, you're going to find different types of them.
Some of the common ones are:

● Diner Mugs

These are heavy-duty mugs and ideal for long-term use. They keep the drink hot for a longer period. They might be a tad expensive but are worth it.

● Tumbler Cups

These are the Starbucks-style cups that people like to use as they're on their way to work. Hence, these are also known as travel coffee cups.

● Camper Cups

These cups are wider in diameter but are smaller in size. Some mugs might be enamelled and can be used directly on the flame.

● Bistro Mugs

Bistro Mugs are stylish cups that you see most YouTubers use during talk shows. They're also popular at coffee shops and restaurants. They are large and can hold more coffee.

● Class C-handle Cups

The C-handle cups are evergreen coffee cups. They have a lower price point and can be made of either glass or ceramic.

When selecting coffee mugs, it's also essential to look at the material. The mugs can be made either of plastic, ceramic, or glass.

How to Print on Cups?

You'd also have to take proper care of the printing. For promotional products, you should adopt the dye-sublimation printing method. It uses organic colour dyes and heat transfer, because of which it produces crystal-clear results. Pad printing and digital printing are other options. Whichever one you choose, make sure it's a permanent print.

Since you're buying customisable, reusable coffee cups, modify them as per your needs
to make full use of the available surface and get the word out.

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