Find the real estate agent for your next deal

“Finding a good real estate agent is not that easy. It is advisable that you consider critically if the person is the right person for the job, since you would not want to lose money because someone does not know how to manage your property.”

Working with professional real estate agents can save you a lot of headaches by having an interface agent between the user and the buyer or tenant (for example, you do not have to be the one receiving the calls from the interested parties Buyers or tenants, or the inspection organization, among others).

Therefore, you may want to consider working with a real estate agent to help you navigate the process and eventually find a buyer or tenant for your property.

The real estate agent will consult the multiple listing directories for you and determine the available properties that meet your specifications, such as price, size and location. He or she will share those lists with you electronically, as well as a dating application; you will be notified when a new property is listed that matches your profile. Your agent will show you the properties that interest you.

Someone familiar with your area can usually tell you about school systems, tax rates, water and sewer charges, public transportation, and other concerns that could affect your decision to buy a particular home. Real estate agents usually specialize in particular areas, so you may want to find someone who knows the area you are most interested in to help you find a home.

How to find a real estate agent?

There are a lot of ways to locate a real estate agent:

• Ask for recommendations from friends or family

• Go to properties for sale that are open to the public to meet the agents

• Contact real estate companies that advertise properties that interest you

• Search for local agents online

In general, it is best to choose a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with and work with that person until you find the home you want to buy.

The role of the real estate agent

In general, sellers will “list” their house with an agent and agree to pay a commission if the house is sold within a specific time period. During that time, the real estate agent will try to sell the property through advertisements and housing exposure to the public.

It is important to understand that the agent you know in a house on display or through a list represents and works for the seller. The agent has certain obligations to the seller and will transmit any information you provide.

A “buyer’s agent”

Real estate agents commonly work on commission. Your fee is based on the purchase price and is paid by the seller. If an agent of the seller and a buyer’s agent are involved in the purchase of the home, they share the commission. As a buyer, in most cases, you will not pay a real estate commission. You can also take help from any experts like My Place Realty’s Kris Thorkelson and Tom Haughton Barbados whose main aim is to provide quality apartments that people can be proud to call home. Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based serial entrepreneur.

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