10 Things That are Making You Lazy and How To Avoid Laziness.

What happens when laziness dawns upon you? Who doesn’t like to relax at least for a few minutes in between the crazy and fast life that we are living today, but what happens when we start relaxing more and working less? In other terms what are those choices that we make that change us from a hardworking person to a lazy bone? Is it our lifestyle that makes us lazy or it is the technology that should be blamed for this increase in our laziness? Well, let’s look at our top ten picks for the things that make us lazy, be it technology or our lifestyle.

1. The cozy couch

It has been a crazy day for you, nothing went according to the plan and you feel all lonely and lazy, at this low point in your life, the couch seems to be your best friend. How do I know that? Well, I own a couch as well, warm and soft where I can practically spend my whole day. Who doesn’t like being a couch potato? But it’s this lovely friend of yours that is spoiling you to the extreme and you don’t even realize it before it’s too late. A cozy couch is only for the times you feel sad and lonely and since it provides you comfort then that doesn’t mean you should just stick to it and be there the whole time. This beauty is making you lazy so better buck up and keep your cozy couch only for those adverse and lonely days instead of making it your daily habit.
Cozy couch

2. The television or streaming movies

What is better than a flat screen which is perfectly aligned with a cozy couch and a packet of Doritos on the table right next to you, within your reach? This wonderful flat screen possesses the capability to enchant you. It is the root cause of all the laziness in the world. It makes you forget the sense of time, even the day. You can practically spend a full day with it and you will still not be ready to move on and leave it. Yes, that is how powerful a television can be, and what more its power seems to magically increase when you happen to have a perfect place to watch it from. Please come out of its enchantment and take control of your life because all it will do is make you extremely lazy.
Your television

3. Cluttered apartment

You got a report due next week and every day you think of writing it you see your study table all cluttered with old books and newspapers, coffee mugs and old reports lying here and there, a pile of dust has already settled and every day you tell yourself that I will clean this mess up and start writing tomorrow. Well this tomorrow of yours never comes and you never clean up and so you never finish your report. So this pile of mess just turned you into a complete lazy and not to mention a failure. What should you do? Start by decluttering your table and throw away all the unused things that you think you will never need. Wash your dishes the moment you finish eating and try not to mess up again.
Cluttered apartment

4. Junk food

It tastes heavenly, I know and it makes you lazy, something that you should know. This lovely best friend of yours is betraying you bad and in the disguise of amazing taste it is slowly making you lazy and fat. All the French fries and pizzas are among the ones who are betraying you. They do not provide you with any amount of energy and just make you fat. You need to free yourself of this habit of eating junk all the time. Switch to a healthy life style and know your real friends. Have lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables, they help you gain lots of energy and make you active. Juices of fresh fruits are your real friends and so say good bye to those skinny looking fries since they just look skinny and make you the opposite and welcome the healthy fruits and veggies in your life. They are bound to change you and you will be more active.
Junk food

5. Online shopping

Amazon and Flipkart have given us the opportunity to shop online without even coming out from the comfort of your cozy bed. Shopping used to be a great physical endeavor where we used to pick and choose from the multiple choices we have based on the color and design. Even though all we want is to just buy the whole shop, we picked a few clothes and moved on. But the definition of shopping has changed now. Now online shopping has provided us all these at the tips of our fingers. We can pick and choose different designs and colors just by checking and placing an order and voila! your order is delivered to you. This new online shopping culture has contributed greatly towards making you lazier. So once in a while get out of this online tradition and get along with you buddies and go shopping, eat out and spend some time together, let the moment work its magic.
Online shopping

6. Your cell phone

What can I say, technology? Who has been saved from the wrath of technology? It has made our lives so simple. A cell phone which started as a device to contact your loved ones from far away can now provide you with a wide range of functionalities other than calling. You can listen to music, play games, browse the net, watch movies and the most addicting of all these activities is the social media applications. This right here is a formula to days of laziness just hidden in a small slim attractive looking gadget. So what should you do? Well get a job dude! Invest your time in physical activities and real life. People have even started to lose sleep due to cell phone addiction, and what happens when you sleep late? You wake up late and the full day turns out to be a lazy and boring day. So stop wasting time lying around just facing your cell phone screen and go out and play with your friends.
Your Cell phone

7. Your computer

Another wonderful result of advancement of technology. Especially if it is a laptop then you seem to be more addicted to it. Addiction of your laptop does the same as a cell phone addiction. It gives you insomnia, makes you lazy and certainly a couch potato. The only precaution that you can take from being turned into a lazy person by your laptop is that you stick to only the beneficial activities that your laptop provides you and for the fun part you should leave the sad company of your laptop and go out. Switch off your laptop an hour before your sleep time if you really want to sleep on time and have a good morning the other day. Stop being lazy from today onwards.
Your computer

8. Home delivery services

There was a time when grocery shopping and vegetable shopping was an activity which was eagerly awaited by us when we were young. We saw it as an opportunity to go out and explore the stores and ofcourse the real reason was only to get chocolates. The scenario has changed a lot today. Our fast life makes us so lazy that when we have time for ourselves we just want to waste it lying around at home and order everything at our doorstep. From food to clothing, from medicine to groceries everything can be ordered and it will be delivered to your doorstep. These home delivery services have spoiled us to such extent that going out has become scarce. Get out of this lazy habit before it takes over you completely. Order only when extremely necessary else cook on your own. Invest more time in productive endeavors such as cooking instead of ordering and that will certainly turn you into a good cook.
Home delivery services

9. Fear of expectations

Many of us seem to be extremely talented and there are many people who expect us to do great things. Sometimes these expectations turn out to be a huge burden and we are not able to handle them. So we tend to become lazy and scared to work towards our goals. These expectations seem to be like a huge unachievable goal, a mountain so high that we won’t ever reach the top. These uncertain feelings and self-doubt contribute in making us lazy. So the only possible and sensible thing to do is to forget all the load and just work. Work with all your strength and pour your heart into it and you will see that you did great. Everyone will see your hard work and their expectations won’t be a burden anymore.
Fear of Expectations

10. The wrong company

“Why do you go to gym?”, “Juice? Why do you drink juice? Come not party with us” If your friends are asking you such questions instead of encouraging you or following the good things that you do then you are certainly in a wrong company. People who continuously discourage you by asking infinite questions at your every step tend to make you lazy. How? Well at some point you might get frustrated answering their questions that you might want a way out and the easiest one would be to stop doing anything new. That’s how wrong company will discourage you and make you lazy. So leave such people and go find new friends with a positive outlook and an encouraging demeanor, you are bound to benefit from your choice.
Wrong company

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