8 Things in Your Home that may be Making you Sad

Your home is the place where you must feel most comfortable, and the ambience should be such that it adds to your positive energy. But some sights make you uncomfortable, and more clearly, you unknowingly get sad by seeing, or merely glancing on few things inside your home. Read on to see if any one of the below mentioned scene or object trouble you too, and how you can avoid it and always get that happy and active mood when inside your house.

1. Broken Items creates a sad surrounding 

We often hear some of the elder people in the family saying, “Throw away those broken or cracked cutlery.” Is there a mystery behind this? No. When we look at some “precious” broken or cracked objects such as a china vase or glass plate, we feel that we will fix it sometime later, or keep it that way and not use it to prevent it from further damage.

This is kind of poor thinking, because we try and avoid throwing those objects away and replacing them, with the thought that we will have to spend money on something which might not be a necessity, and we also think that we will not have plenty of it if we throw it away! But do we really need a broken object? So throw such objects right away, go shopping and replace them with better ones, only if you really have the need. Shopping makes you happy, doesn’t it?

Broken Items

2. Piles of Old Newspapers & Cards

Old newspapers give out an old-ish type smell, have you ever tried breathing around it? The smell itself is so depressing. Also, those old cards such as marriage invites and party invites, add to this pile. We often keep them stored thinking of them as memories, but they are nothing more than trash. Best thing to do with them is either use them for some craft work where you can cram papers to get something useful out of it, or even better, go sell it at the paper mart, and you will earn some extra money this way. Money will buy you happiness in this case! 

Piles of Old Newspapers & Cards

3. Collection of Books you have read

Books mean a lot to us, and various genres affect us in a different way. They help us develop additional personality traits, which we gain unknowingly. Once we have read them, we add them to a nice book shelf. Over the time, the collection on this shelf can go on and on with each book we finish. At times, when we look at so many titles at the same time, we think of reading one of them again, because that book must have had some great content that we liked, but we never actually read them again. 

Sometimes we think of getting rid of them because of all the space they are occupying. A look at those books can bring back a random memory that we have of the time we were reading that book, and it takes us back to the past, which slows us down and makes us feel not so fresh. You can always donate such books at orphanages or care homes, or distribute them to some of your relatives who love to read, or even consider donating them to a public library.

Collection of Books you have read


4. Hobby items that were never used

So you developed an hobby suddenly in your mind, thought it would be too interesting, and hey, you can do it. Then you go out to the market, get the hobby items and keep it at your home thinking you will start with it the next day. But then, you move on, that’s what life makes you do, right? You never either think of that hobby item again, or you have it in mind but you are unable to take out time for it. This is the worst thing you are doing to yourself, by not trying out your newly acquired hobby and by hiding yourself from the fun you can get into by trying something out.Whenever you look at those things, such as that bicycle in your doorway, or those bright new running shoes on your shoe rack or any other object, you feel depressed inside. You go back to thinking as to why could you not accomplish a simple target. Why you failed to take out some time for yourself. So set your priorities, and include time to pursue your hobbies too. 

Hobby ideas

5. Freebies and Random objects

Many times we get many freebies from seminars or conferences. These items can include free graphic mugs, pen drives, pens, writing pads or even coasters. We have this idea in mind that the more we take, the more profitable it will be. Why? – because it is free! But these freebies can make you upset when you spot them everywhere in your home. Yes, when you see a lot of things lying here and there, which you have got for free. And probably most of it you did not need, then you think that how can you make use of those things. You start thinking whether your decision to grab those many freebies was even right, because you are unable to put them to use. They make you unstable by always bothering you in the back of your mind. Peace of advice : don’t grab more freebies than what you really need!

Freebies and Random objects

6. Dark and Heavy curtains make you sad

These days, modern apartments have French windows, running from floor to ceiling. A common mistake that people do is that they use dark coloured and heavy curtains to shade these windows. These curtains instill a feeling of dullness in your mind, and makes you feel more lazy. You tend to laze around in your home, and miss out on deadlines or the tasks that you had planned to complete. This ultimately makes you feel unsatisfied with yourself, and makes you miserable and sad. Do away with those dark curtains and get the light shaded and colorful curtains, which will make you feel fresh every time you look at them, specially in the morning and at the dusk time.

Dark and Heavy curtains

7. Interior colors

Sometimes, you select the wrong color for painting the interiors of your home. Colors can have an impact on your mind. So you must choose such colors which are bright and which look fresh everytime, thereby not saddening you in your own home. Too bright a color can be bad too, so go for colors which are not too dull. And remember, not too bright, but are just the right things to be painted on your walls.

Home interior colors

8. Collections that are outdated

An old set of collection can become burdensome if you are not into that activity any more. This can be a collection of old music cassettes, movie DVDs, etc. It even takes up a lot of space, and you realize that you no longer need it. You don’t even feel like getting rid of it, because you have memories associated with them. But you should realize that if they are not useful to you anymore, then you should consider moving on with something else. Probably something that interests you more now, and you should let go of your old collection!

Old and Outdated Collections

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