Types of Stamping Platforms You Can Buy Online

People of all ages love stamping, and there are plenty of kits available for kids. Moreover, mature crafters love to have stamping-type details on their projects.

Stamp platforms can help derive outstanding precisions. But to know about its different types, let’s first understand what these platforms are.

What Are Stamp Platforms for?

The stamping platforms assist you in creating the most precise images. So it can very easily change your idea of crisp impressions. They are also pretty much simple to use.

Back in the 1990s, most of the stamping was aimed for children's use, or they were simple block designs on the larger wooden blocks. They were bulky, expensive, and limited in variety.

As the card-making business became more popular, many new businesses started creating various versatile and sophisticated designs for a serious adult career.

And a variety of stamping types came up, and ever since, the quintessential crafter has a plethora of options to choose from.

Types of Stamps

Here are the various types you must know.

Mounted Rubber Stamps – The starting of the new millennium saw the rise of the popularity of the unmounted rubber stamps. Now you have the uncut stamp sheets in place of the bulky wooden blocks, and you can trim them all by yourself. When one desired to stamp, all they had to do was fix the rubber to a wooden or acrylic block and then do away with it once the work was done.

Some stampers used to mount their stamps made of rubber on foam to make light-weight, cheap mounts. Nowadays, manufacturers also offer foam-backed stamps that are cheaper to produce and frequently of simple designs. These foam stamps are specifically popular for larger projects like stamping on the furniture or walls.

Acrylic Revolution – The introduction of clear acrylic stamps revolutionised the crafting world. These stamps cling to the acrylic blocks for stamping, and then they peel off afterward. They call for a small space to be stored. The stamps are convenient and quick to be used, and as they are clear, they are simpler to line up at the time of stamping. As compared with the rubber ones, the acrylic stamps are much more affordable. Most of the paper crafting magazines started offering acrylic sheet stamps as gifts.

Specialist Stamps –Today, there are many stamps that are being created for different usages of crafts. There is a current trend for journaling, and that has resulted in many sets of stamps being used in planners and journals. After all, having a stamp readymade for you is a lot easier than writing it whenever you need it.

There are also stamps with journaling boxes and frames that are quite popular. The artists of mixed media now have a vast array of stamps with fascinating textures on them. For much more variation, these can be layered. You can also get stamps that are deeper etched for resin, clay, and other media usage.

These are some of the types of stamping. So if you are a crafter, you can start collecting all of the above and give wings to your creativity.

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