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Xiaomi has always been giving path-breaking & trendsetting products. Gaming has been the most dynamic segment in digit space. Xiaomi has been as well come up with a dedicated gaming notebook to please its consumers. On the basis of configurations &  pricing, the device can be placed in entry-level gaming gadgets. Let us have a deep dive in each relevant aspect of the gadget & gauge the usability of the same.


The device has been launched in China at very moderate pricing of CNY 7598. This pricing has placed the product in a premium category with no competition from the contemporaries. The same would be available in USD price range of USD 1059.99 to USD 1427.99 approximately. Being a base level gaming device this hasn’t been priced very aggressively to attract the consumers at the start.

Features & Configurations

The gadget has been powered with some of the very advanced features as well as some have been quite moderate which makes it an entry-level device. While on sale this can be found at a low price of USD 1200 as well which is excluding duties & taxes. It has been powered using Intel Core i5-7300HQ for an up to date processing force.


This one is having a 15.6 inches screen which is almost in line with its contemporaries. The device is featuring a BOE NV156FHM-N61 (BOE0747) panel being one GTX 1060 model. The device is almost 11% brighter display compared to the previous model which is almost 300 nits. Most of the features & configurations have been closely similar to the previous model. It’s having an average DeltaE deviation of 4.9 in case of colours. It has a full HD display which is offering mixed performance.  Some of the consumers may feel the miss of higher frequency choice owing to lack of G-sync support which is on account of Optimus graphics switching. Its screen offers average brightness 269 cd/m2. Also, it has a relatively high contrast value of 1230:1 which helps in the appearance of games, movies & other graphics with absolute vividness & differentiation. The higher contrast value is on account of its low black value 0.23 cd/m2.
From being a gaming notebook perspective the colour space of the display can be termed decent in its segment. Basis many experts the colour accurateness could have been better in this gaming notebook by Xiaomi. The panel is having a slighter blue tint, which can be calibrated using some setting change. The gadget rarely struggles with screen bleeding and as well irritating halos. It has a pixel ration of 1920×1080 with 141 PPI. The panel is having power strength of 60 Hz. The display is not glossy in texture which cut-down unnecessary reflections for the gamer.


The overall look of the gadget has been found almost similar with the rest expensive devices. The neatness of the designing & the excellence built quality is quite likeable. Its protruding hinges have been quite finely made. The touchpad & keyboard are quite impressive. The keyboard is having just one small trouble with one of the extra key placed on the far left side. This key is leading towards accidental key press of the ECS key. Its click pad is not having one dedicated mouse button. However, the click pad is relatively large & smooth. Its large & rounded keys are 16×16 mm which makes the typing experience quite a breeze. The typing experience will surely give you a feel of a mechanical keyboard. Its pressure points & strokes are fairly designed & nicely defined. The RGB illumination is also quite an attractive feature. Being a modern day gaming device its supports many gestures like zooming & scrolling with the help of touchpad. Hence, overall the look & appearance of the gadget can be termed as elegant & timeless.

Energy & Processing Configurations

This notebook has been built upon Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor, which is quite in line with its contemporaries. It is having a memory of 8192 MB with the configuration of SO-DIMM DDR4-2400 having a single channel. Its 1 of 2 slots is occupied. The memory can go up to 32 GB max. The main board is built using Intel MH175 (Skylake PCH-H). The storage has been built using Samsung PM871b MZNLN128HAHQ. Its capacity is kept till 128 GB with SATA-III SSD + Seagate BarraCuda ST1000LM048. The HDD comprises 1 TB in terms of capacity. It is having an 8265 Wi-Fi chip which is same as other more expensive gaming laptops. The cooling system has been finely placed to work at its optimum level. However, during various performance assessments, the overall performance has been witnessed to be average 10% slower owing to GPU. The SATA III SSD has been performing same as the other higher models in the segment. The fans inside the machine have been fairly performing to keep the machine sufficiently cool during action time.

Gaming Performance

As the notebook has been built & promoted being a gaming device the performance during most game encounters also need to be scrutinized to gauge its core purpose. Some of the games need to be played with lower settings for higher accuracy in general. The GPU has been seen performing with sufficient strength even after long gaming sessions & rigorous stages. Overall battery support also has been quite nice owing to its ultra settings which lead to a loss of just a few FPS. However, several rigorous test sessions concluded that the GPU was overwhelmed during a few high demanding games which needed higher details. Also, the system noise during the high-intensity gaming sessions was quite suppressed which helped the gamer in maintaining focus.

Looking at the overall offering the device is surely a good buy in the entry-level gaming segment. In case you have just started your online gaming expedition, you would surely like to start with this moderate buy. Buy this device online using aliexpress promo code to make the deal even more beneficial. Xioami has already proved to be a mid-segment innovative digital brand giving the best gamut of configurations at moderate pricing, hence going ahead with the notebook is highly advisable.

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