4 Reasons Why a Bad Name Meaning Affect your Life

Choosing the right name for a baby has been of great importance and is having a great impact on the life and personality of the baby. Moreover, naming the newly born baby has been a tremendously challenging task for the parents, especially for those who are having their first ever kid. The name is supposed to have a profound impact on the personality, character, and life of the child. The impact of names on humans has been proven through extensive research as well. Some parents also give their kids some nicknames which are of more use than their original name of the kids, which is also impacting their lives.

1. Reasons for the Popularity of Baby Name Books

According to a researcher David Figlio, the basic reason behind the popularity of the baby name books is that the name is the first identity of the newly born baby and in the society we are giving huge importance to the names which make some sense. Moreover, the name is having a great impact on the baby in his/her future aspect of life. Diverse research has been conducted in different universities and organizations which have a shown an impact of name on the child’s life in to adulthood. This can be understood with an example that parents who give their baby boy a girlish name, the baby boy would develop certain girlish behaviors and can potentially increase hardships in his life.

2. Results of Research on Baby Names

According to a research conducted by a prestigious organization in which more than 3000 parents took part has suggested that one in each five parents are always having regrets in naming their babies. Most of the parents were concerned regarding the odd spellings and unusual meanings of the names that they chose for their babies. Some parents were also having regrets to have chosen girlish nicknames for their babies.

3. Expectations and Socioeconomic Status of People having Odd Names

As it is a fact that the accent and gear of a person indicate the personality and background of the person, similarly name is also having a great impression. Researcher Figlio has been collecting abundant names and breaking apart to phonemic components so that he may be able to analyze the combinations of letters along with its complexity and some other factors. His results have shown that the kids who were named by lower educated parents having linguistic perspective names were ending up in poor behavior. He stated that such kids do worse in the school life and are not able to get quality education.

4. Meeting the Expectations

There is also a link amid name and the expectations that one have in later stages of life. For example, the kids whose names are named by less educated parents are supposed to have less capabilities to rule and get higher ranks in their workstations. This is the reason why Figlio has stressed that parents must try to name their children with good names so that their kids may have greater achievements in later stages of life.

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