8 Best Must Watch Fiction Movies in Hollywood

Every year holds plenty of uncertain and vague movies, but fiction movies definitely are a sure thing on everyone’s must-watch list. Each and every year Hollywood is full of exciting releases. Crossing huge franchises, ultimate on and offs and some which are definitely not worthy of your time. The way the story is narrated, lightning and camera movement, strong characters and attention to each and every detail in the movies makes fiction movies quite rated as compared to the overrated romantic movies. From the very first Silent fiction films to the latest release, Hollywood always had surprises in its backpack.

Let’s check out some of the really amazing fiction movies of Hollywood. These should definitely be on the must-watch list of every movie lover:

1. Harry Potter

One of the most awaited and awe-inspiring fiction movies of the millennium. Harry Potter-series (2001-2011) is the series that take you down to the magical world of Wizards and Wizcrafts. Despite America trickling into an apocalypse, we will definitely have Harry Potter-verse in the very first list. Based on the novels written by J.K Rowling and picturized under Warner Bros. This is the perfect combination for this movie to outshine in the Hollywood Industry. Great story, teaching good values, a hell lot of entertainment with the magical touch. Perfect for all age, breathtaking locations, amazing characters, the twists and turns. So, what else one needs from a good movie? Attaining the universal acclaim, there may be quite a little number of jerks refusing to give Harry Potter a chance, but remember they might not be your friend for sure.

Fiction Movies - Harry Potter

2. Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) has a massive impact at the box office and also all over the internet. This science fiction based film has shown the ultimate advancement in the film-making technology by Mr. Cameron. The actual 3D has been really felt while watching this film as you will just forget about those bulky and goofy-looking glasses. The screenplay, amazingly portrayed locations, the wild colors and unimaginable beasts and human technology depicted in this movie are everything that you wish you could see in your Mac Book. The boundless imaginative power and the gigantic budget have made these people believe that movies can also be magic. Avatar definitely has to be on the list of must watch fiction movies.

Fiction Movies - Avatar

3. Interstellar

Interstellar (2014) is an epic science fiction film from the novel of a very famous writer-director Christopher Nolan. This movie is definitely a thrilling experience and it is quite thought-provoking. It is also one of the visually breathtaking filmographies. The storyline depicts the search for human survival in the universe. The placement of the people in an unpleasant future where humanity is struggling really hard to survive, it follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in space in search of a new home for humanity. So, don’t let your Christopher Nolan be a dream, Interstellar is a must watch for the fiction lovers as well as for contemporary lovers.

Fiction Movies - Intersteller

4. The Matrix

The Matrix (1999 – 2003) is a science fiction media franchise by The Wachowskis brothers. The story unfolds wherein the heroes fight a desperate war against machine overlord. The machines have enslaved humanity to an extreme extent in virtual reality system. It is the type of movie for the action junkies, sci-fi geeks, sunglasses-trench coats-old Nokia Phones fans. The Matrix is definitely a landmark movie if the effects, visual trickery, and imaginative story-telling are all in consideration. This film is more rewarding as it is an astonishing blend of old school martial arts. This movie is definitely not for those who are an easily confuse soul or conspiracy nuts. And if you haven’t watched this movie, you definitely won’t see it in the next decade and that’s really a pity.

The Matrix

5. Star Wars

George Lucas’s Star Wars (1977-2017) film series is one of the most successful merchandising franchises in Hollywood. This series does not only consist of movies under their merchandising but also includes books, television series, computer games and video games, theme park attractions and comic games. It has the second highest grossing media franchise of all time. This implies that definitely, the franchise has really spectacular movies in their bag. Classy screenplay, serious innovations, the concept of old vs. new, good vs. evil, the endless story, the mythology, all these make Star Wars in the list of the must-watch movies.

Star Wars

6. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) consisting of three fiction adventure films by Peter Jackson. It gains its inspiration from a novel and is one of the big-budget productions in Hollywood. This film has remarkably outshone in Hollywood because of its extremeness on the size of the story, scale and scope, the location and what all source material required that made it to the screen n such a spectacular way. The strong characters, attention to each and every details and the consistent quality o the cinematography and visual effects are incredible. From a movie-watching point of view, The Lord of the Rings series is definitely one of the greatest film-making achievements ever. And watching this movie is an experience of a lifetime that everyone should try at least once in life.

The Lord of the Rings

7. Jumanji

Jumanji (1995) is an American fantasy adventure film by Joe Johnston. Based on the children’s book, this 90’s birth was remarkably endearing and nostalgic classic for many viewers. Frankly, the acting can be awfully cheesy and special effects might let you down but c’mon considering it to be the 90’s based movie, it is one of the glorious movies with traditional sense. This masterpiece was adapted from children’s book but it is surprisingly terrifying and heart-wrenching. The story centers on young Alan who was trapped in a board game named ‘Jumanji’ along with his best friend and twenty-six years later; siblings found the game and tracked them down. They had to finish the game in order to reverse all the destruction that was caused by the game. Interesting isn’t it?

Fiction Movies - Jumanji

8. Planet of the Apes

An American Science-fiction media franchise – Planet of the Apes (1963 – 2017) is also one of the most successful merchandising franchises in Hollywood. It has many comic books, series, video games and many more Medias in its backpack. The Original series is the brainchild of French author Pierre Boulle where he shows a huge clash between a world f humans and intelligent apes. Because of the critical and commercial hit of the 1968 film, the sequels of the series were made which eventually turned out to be great hits in the Hollywood Industry. Though it sounds a bit usual, the climax and sequels of the series get pretty darker in the later stages that bring the curiosity level to the maximum extent. No doubt that this sci-fi has met the expectations of every movie-lover.

Planet of the Apes

Hoping that the list of fiction movies might have helped in figuring out which fiction movies are really worth watching. So, let us know in the comment section below which movie was your favorite one and Do like and Share. If we missed any of your favorite fiction movies then let us know!

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