6 Things That Went Wrong At The Fyre Festival

It’s a weekday when social media is booming with the “big” news of  Fyre Festival. The ostentatiously expensive and luxurious festival takes place on the grounds of Bahamas. A slew of top Models, high-class singers and a high-class celebrity headliners such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, did not only invite the crowd but flooded Instagram with posts of fyre media. Consequently, it attracted a huge amount of splendid crowd. Everyone seemed extremely excited to taste this culinary form of music carnival. The promise is to deliver the attendees a lifetime experience on the island of Exumas. Entrepreneurs of this festival were Ja Rule, a rapper, and Billy Mc.Farland, founder and chief executive of an elite millennial. Along with the ministry of Bahamas, they chalked out this spectacular and auspicious social media fueled festival. 

Fyre Festival

Incorporating the large ocean, rap music and internet buzz Fyre was ready to set FIRE across the globe. Amidst all the luxury and extravaganza the trivial organizers failed many times. Most importantly they could not manage and staff the V.I.P. crowd which led to horrific chaos and confusion amongst everyone. Gradually the anger and mismanagement led to the “lavish” atmosphere become a “stampede. Things went out of hand and as a result, the festival had to end. Here is a list of reasons why.

1. Sky Ranging Price

Tickets for the festival co-organized by the rapper Ja Rule ranged about $12,780 for a package of four. This musical feat reached around 450$ a day and gradually as the crowd increased a day pass is been sold at $3995. There were V.I.P. passes too which guaranteed several amenities including a private jet and thereby expensed about $250,000. The event is an overhype since it did not deliver the promise of a cultural experience. The advertisements show us many luxuries that the glossy divas were enjoying but the festival goers did not get a chance to enjoy.

Fyre Festival Costs

2. Accommodation Was a Scrap

Angry faces of the attendees and aggression took a toll as the Fyre Festival at Exumas and islands of Bahamas was nothing but a massive disaster. The people, who showed up with an immense amount of hopes had spent quite a huge chunk. They did expect a “glamorous” welcome in a “deluxe” hotel, “villas” or a subtle “resort”. The website talked about splashy abode for all the festival goers. But it turned out to be a relief looking unfurnished, dirty tents drenched with wet blankets and soggy sheets. A sense of disappointment took over the excited crowd and in no time led to the cancellation of the event.


3. Pathetic food

The paradise concert that the “influencers” of Instagram immensely bragged about is a mere catastrophe. The descriptions included a cuisine experience in the island of Bahamas. Flattering Bahamian sushi, local seafood, and roasted pig were included in the dining menu. Unfortunately, snap stories and pictures of sad bread and cheese slices were served. It was then the media was flooded depicting the fraud characteristics and calamity of Fyre festival. Accompanied by depressed alcohol which finished over no time the guests were left with nothing but an annoyance. The reality was far from the shiny promotional ads. It did not take long for the organizers to cancel the festival. In no time the Californians rushed and fled to the mainland of Florida.


4. Untrustworthy Security

The brand new festival received an adrenaline response as partying in the private island of Bahamas is somewhat “paradise”. The appointed security guards were stealing personal properties from tents of the attendees. They dumped a bunch of unopened containers at the site giving instructions to rifle if anything went missing. Even luggage seems to be insecure in their hands. They just dropped down boxes from the ship cantonment. An unruly and Unmannerly scenario build up at the exquisite landscapes. The misalignment of unguarded chaos and confusion left the overrated musical concert in scraps.


5. Cancellation of Flights

To rival the Coachella event in California the triumphant dwellers headed to the island of Exumas. The unduly organization was such that when the giant crowd landed they were unable to manage, control and direct properly. The circumstances led to the cancellation of the inbound charter flights. The attendees who paid huge chums for the awaited musical weekend became ferocious in no time. Since the services listed on the websites was not provided the concert could not go on. People found themselves being stuck on a damped island since the festival got canceled.

Cancelled Flights

6. Cancellation of Headliners

Blink-182 said, “ We are not confident we would have what we need to give you the quality of performances we always give our fans”. The cancellation of more than a dozen headliners resulted into an angrier crowd. The list includes Disclosure, Kayatranda, Migos, Rae Sremmurd, Tyga, Designer, Pusha T, Major Lazer. The issues related to the utter mismanagement made the crowd extremely dismayed ultimately leading to the withdrawal of Fyre.


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