6 Best Ways to Handle Your Stress

Life is a journey between two alphabets ‘B’ and ‘D’ i.e birth and death, but between ‘B’ and ‘D’ there is ‘C’ which denotes choices that we make in life. The choices that you make in life brings either happiness or stress. It depends on us what choices you make, but no matter what, you are bound to get stressed at some point in your life. So, two things are very important to learn in order to be stress free. First, you need to have clear understanding of what choices to make according to the situation that would bring happiness to you. Second, if you have made the wrong choice which has caused sadness and stress then how to deal with it. 

Stress management

We all know the serious effects of stress on our health and mind. The rate of heart attack has increased tremendously in the last decade and is increasing even more. People at young age are committing suicide and dying due to heart attacks. It will impact every aspect of your life unless you know how to handle it. Here is the list of best ways to manage stress.

1. Identify the root cause

According to the psychiatrists,  stress causes our body to break which in turn breaks our immune system. One might start falling sick and would feel irritated most of the time. This way our body tells us that something is not right. These are the initial signs of stress. There are many events in our life that disturbs us mentally and we are not sure which event has caused such disturbance. There might be one event which is affecting every other important things in our life. Suppose, something has gone wrong at your work and you are sad about that. Due to this you might misbehave with your family members due to irritation and this will again cause you mental disturbance.

Once your body starts giving signs, you must try to figure out the root cause that is causing all these disturbances in your life. Try to fix the root cause, rest everything will get settled.

Identify the root cause of stress

2. Don’t be in the grip of something you cannot control

After you figure out the root cause, check if it is something that can be controlled or not, if yes – then fix it, if no – then leave it. Don’t get too attached to something you cannot control. If you can fix it then why to worry, if it is out of control then also why to worry about something which is beyond your limits. Being too much emotional is sometimes the root cause behind all the stress. You need to get a little practical in your life. It is sometimes better to surrender when things are not in your control. There is no point in worrying about such things. See the positive and humorous side of the situations and stay calm.

Don't be in the grip of something you cannot control

3. Don’t convert caring into worrying

There is a lot of difference between worrying and caring. You may care about your dear ones,  but when that care gets converted into worry, you don’t even realize. Be relaxed and be pro-active. Worrying would only worsen the problems. See to it that your close ones are having everything which is in need. This is caring, but if you think that nothing should happen to your close ones, they should be injury-free and so on, then this is worrying.

Caring and Worrying are different

4. Stop wasting time

If you are not managing your time well, you are not managing your life well. Most of the times people tend to waste time on things that do not matter much. They often think about what would happen in the future, regretting about mistakes done in the past. Once you enter this cycle then it is an endless loop. It becomes very difficult to get out of that cycle. Eventually a lot of precious time is wasted which in turn further causes race against time and this causes even more stress. Instead of doing all this, one should live in the present and be aware about the importance of time. This will increase your productivity and would help get rid of stress.

Stop wasting time

5. Take out some free time and relax – don’t stress it

In this fast moving world, very often people overload themselves with work. There is an immense competition in the market and everybody is trying to outcast each other. In all this they get so much consumed by the work that they forget it is also equally important to live a happy life. Even if you want to give hundred percent to your work, you won’t be able to give because you succumb to stress. Hence, it is very vital to take daily, weekly or monthly breaks to rejuvenate yourself. You can meditate every morning or go for a walk. Meditation is the best way to get rid of stress and maintain your focus. On weekends take out some time and go somewhere far from the competitive world. Spend time with your close ones and try to live that moment to the fullest. 

Take out some free time and relax

6. Embrace your mistakes and learn from it

Everybody is bound to make mistakes at some points in their life. You might make mistakes in exams, during work hours or in relationships. But, instead of mulling over various possibilities that could have happened, you need to embrace those mistakes. Learn from it and improve. No one is perfect in this world. Making mistakes gives you an opportunity to learn even better ways to tackle a particular situation.

Embrace your mistakes and learn from it

Above are best ways to manage stress, try to implement them and see the results. Please tell us about your views or any other way to control stress that we have not included in the list in the comment section below!

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