Detox your body with these 7 easy ways

Our body needs a proper detox from time to time. In simple words, our insides need a cleansing so that our body keeps functioning in the best possible manner, without troubling us with problems such as nauseousness, digestive issues, and the list can go on. Detox is essential after we have been to a party, or have eaten a lot of junk food, or have done a nice booze time with our loved ones! One cannot miss out such good amount of food and drinks at times, so it is better that we follow up with a proper detox schedule from the next day on to clean our body. Below are the most simple and easiest methods to detox your body naturally.
Had a party? Get ready to detox now
  1. Drink water to detox

    Lots of water. Not your normal intake, but much more than that. Drinking lots of water is the most easiest and natural way to detox your body. It flushes all the toxicity in your body, and cleanses your body from within. Rate of urination will definitely increase, but hey, it is helping you.
  2. Breathe

    Most of us will not take this seriously enough, but its true that breathing in fresh oxygen is beneficial for the body and helps to detox. Deep breathing is what we are talking about here, and fresh air is a must for this process to help your body properly. Meditating on a regular basis can be beneficial, as deep breathing increases oxygen levels in the body, and keeps the functioning on track.
    Green tea to the detox!
    Green tea

  3. Have a nice cup of Green tea

    A cup of green tea in the morning, and ditch your regular tea and coffee. This is not only for a detox day, but you can include this in your daily schedule. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients, which

    • helps in body fat reduction
    • improves brain reduction 
    • reduces risks of cancer    

    For a list of the benefits it provides, you can check here.

  4. Exercise. It will help you fasten the process of natural detoxification. Exercising you will help pump up the blood flow rate, and enable it to reach all the tissues, thereby providing essential nutrients to all the organs and muscles in your body.

    Workout results in sweating, and with the sweat, many toxin are released from our body, and in case of heavy sweating, one must remember to wipe off this sweat with a towel, so that the toxins have an easy way out and are not blocked.

  5. Eat fruits. Yes, a rich fiber diet will result in most natural cleansing of your body. It has many other benefits too, apart from just detoxing. Most natural fiber rich foods include

    1. Beans and legumes

    2. Fruits and vegetables

    3. Whole grains

  6. Yoga is one of the best form of exercise, that not only helps us maintain physical strength, but also keeps us mentally sound and fresh. Different poses and forms of yoga improve our breathing techniques, and it fills us with more energy, helps the circulatory system and cleans our body from within. It helps us to relieve the physical and mental stress at the same time, and boosts our immune system. Here are some of the best poses to detox your body.


    Yoga helps in better breathing
    Yoga helps in better breathing


  7. Reduce your carbohydrates intake. You might have to give up on your tastes for this, but it is worth it sometimes. Food rich in carbohydrates such as flour, white sugar, and many others, make your stomach feel full. But they deposit many unwanted toxins in your digestive system, which then spoils the metabolism.

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