13 Reasons Why You Should Study At An IIT In India


Being recognized as an IIT student or alumnus of IIT gives a sense of pride and achievement. IITs are known to offer a promising carrier which is rewarding. IITs are distinguished for producing the brightest minds of the country and carry a heap of brand value. Students along with parents look forward to making a way to enter IIT.

One in hundreds gets the chance to study in IITs and India having 23 IITs can accommodate only a few students. IIT is the aspiration of many students and students have to prepare for IIT JEE competitive entrance exams to get into IITs. As we know intelligent and hardworking students turn up at IIT. Beware that JEE Main 2019 is the only main route to reach IIT.

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So why IIT?

Here are some of the reasons why students should opt IIT for pursuing graduation or master degree program:

  1. IIT’s are the top choice of the students and parents since they have established brand value and maintained a high standard of education along with ample placement opportunity for the passing out students.
  2. Education is of top quality and has maintained faculty to student ratio of 1: 10 for the best guidance and training for the extraordinary outcome.
  3. It is one of the reputed institutions to pass out from. IIT is an all-time valuable branded educational institute.
  4. Students get the opportunity to learn from famous professors with the best experience in the teaching field. Teaching faculties in IITs have the credit of writing books and technical journals.
  5. Research-based knowledge is reinforced by teaching staff ie, the impetus for practical-oriented learning is encouraged.
  6. Students get an opportunity to meet and study with brilliant minds and hence can share common thought.
  7. Healthy learning and the living atmosphere is created for the students.
  8. World-class facilities and a reasonably lower academic fee.
  9. The pay package of an IIT qualified engineer is comparatively more than a graduate engineer from NIT, IIIT, and other private engineering colleges.
  10. Funds are never a shortage in IITs, hence commendable facilities along with the best library are made available for students to access.
  11. Students of IIT have a chance in participating in extracurricular activities too making a way to a balanced life.
  12. Students get the chance of doing internships in some of the excellent universities around the globe under the student exchange program.
  13. Scholarships programs can be a source of financial aid for the deserving candidates to match the college fee.

In Conclusion:

Additionally, IIT education fetches students and their family pride and respect in society. So choose the best IIT for the best carrier. Wishing good luck for JEE Main 2019 exams!!

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