5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic By Improving Domain Authority

Domain Authority

These days, a lot is heard about domain authority and the impact it has on the website performance and progress. Domain Authority is a metric that was launched by Moz SEO. Presently, it is being rated as one of the most important parameters to judge a website. If a website does not have a good DA score, it is unable to get conversions and traffic.

The rank of a website is dependent on few key factors including the DA score. If you want to improve the domain authority of your site, then you must have to get help from prepostseo.com. The better will be your domain age, the more improvement you will notice in your organic search results.

1. Domain Authority Score is built over the course of time

A website cannot acquire a high DA score as soon as it has been launched. Every new website takes a certain time span to create a positive image and reputation in front of its customers. Gradually as the website starts building trust, the DA score improves as well.

Other than that, there are certain factors which can help in improving the DA score. For instance, one of them is originality of content. A website cannot get a good DA score by publishing copied content as the act is unprofessional. Other than that, to get a good DA score, you need to publish new fresh content so that readers get to read what they have not already gone through.

2. High DA score is the key for high traffic count

Even the best and most established websites cannot run successfully without having a good count of traffic. In simple terms, if you do not have people visiting your website, the products / services being offered would not be sold. As a result, the website would not generate revenue. This would obviously ruins the performance and reputation of the website.

  • There is a relationship of direct proportionality between domain authority and traffic count. If your website does not fulfil the needed requirements, it would fail to get a high DA score. For instance, plagiarism free content is one of the major requirements of a high DA score. A lot of websites do not have original content due to which they fail to score highly on the domain authority scale.
  • If you search for something on the internet, several pages of links would be shown on your screen. However, there are rare chances that you would consider going beyond the first page. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, users do not make the extra effort of going beyond the first page of results. If someone is planning on buying a smartphone online, he would aim at selecting a website from the first page of results.
  • The second reason is that websites ranked on the first page are considered most credible. Thus, users prefer them over websites that are not ranked on the first page. Websites that have a high SEO rank score highly on the domain authority scale as well. Thus, it can be said that a high DA score is needed to acquire a high SEO rank.

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3. Fresh related content is mandatory

If someone plans to buy something from your website, he would definitely spend time on reading the content available on it. People search for unique content and fresh material.

If a visitor witnesses that the content on your website has already been published before, he would immediately click the close button. Quality content is absolutely essential for getting serious buyers and improving the DA score.

  • Publishing fresh content does not mean that it should not be related to what you offer. For instance, consider that your products are related to distant learning. If your website focuses on software development instead of distant learning, a serious buyer would get totally confused about what you actually offer. Websites with unrelated content fail to get a good DA score. As a result, they have a low traffic count.
  • Content uniqueness is very important because readers look for fresh content every now and then. For instance, if a visitor clicks the link of your website on weekly basis, he would expect unique content every time. If the content on your website is not fresh, it would have a negative impact on your DA score.
  • The content has to be well researched because quality matters the most. You cannot get a good count of traffic if your web content is all about stuffing words. It is not hard for a serious reader to determine whether the content has redundancy or not.
  • The content should have a proper flow to prevent the reader from exiting. Once a reader figures out that the content is not unique, it would be less likely that he would make a second visit.

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4. Reputed websites have a high SEO rank and DA score

In the earlier days, SEO rank was the only parameter to judge a website. Thus, even keyword stuffing was not considered wrong. However, times have changed a lot and only quality content with the correct keyword density is accepted.

Thus, professional websites have an experienced content development team to prepare fresh content regularly.

  • These days, SEO rank is not the only parameter to check the reliability of a website. Domain Authority is a very important parameter to check the website standing. If a website has a high DA score, you can reach the conclusion that it has been there for a long span of time. Such websites are 100% legitimate because they have a high customer count and stable reputation.


As it is mentioned above, getting a high DA score does not happen overnight. With established websites already operating, it takes time for new websites to get a high DA score. New websites struggle with the traffic count because people do not know about them. Other than that, they are not highly dependable.

Thus, customers do not have a high preference rate for them. On the other hand, established websites do not face any problems in getting a high DA score or consistent traffic count.

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