10 Great Ways of Having a Fun Time with Your Friends

Siblings from different mothers”. Yes! That’s what true friends are, they don’t share a drop of blood with us, yet they are so close to our heart. With them we are so natural, in short we be ourselves. Sometimes we also behave like a bunch of idiots and make fun of each other, call each other by any funky name, without even thinking about the surrounding, but if somebody else disrespects us, then these friends are the ones who have our back always! No Doubt, they play a huge role in our life and contribute a lot in making us who we are. They are like our family outside the closed walls of the house. It’s really very difficult to describe the importance of true friends in our life. The best and coolest memories of our lives are always with them. No matter wherever we go, whatever we achieve in life, we will always miss the moments spent with them. Some friends might be momentary, but the memories we make with them will last for the rest of our lives. Hence, it is very important for us to take the full advantage of the present and try to spend some quality time with our friends to make some awesome memories. In this modern and fast world, it is very difficult to find time for each other, but we should always try our best to take out some time from our busy schedule and plan something with them. Here are some ways that can help you having fun times with your buddies.
Take out sometime on Sunday morning, get your bikes or bicycle and go for a ride in your town. Go to the places where in the past most of the sweet memories you have made with your friends. You can also explore some new places or centers in the town. This would help you to revive those old memories and feel very special with your buddies. You can go to some famous tea stalls, vada pav centers, or towards some temple or beach. Hang out for sometime and talk about each other’s life, this would really help you to cut off from your stressed life, tensions and will make you feel at ease and calm.


2. Play board games

Who can ever forget fighting with our buddies and blaming each other for doing cheating while playing any kind of board games. Those fights and cheating were the best part of the games, no matter who won the game in the end. So again call your friends, bring out the chess, carom-board, ludo, monopoly, cards, etc. and start playing. You can also form groups or teams and hold a tournament to compete against each other. 

Board games

3. Movie marathon

Watching some good old movies or matches with your friends and talking about each other’s favourite characters or players is an amazing idea of quality time, isn’t it? We sometimes even end up debating to prove each other’s favourites are best ones, but this makes the experience even more memorable. So make a list of some great movies that your group can watch together back to back, get flavoured wafers and drinks and pop-corn, and enjoy the show! You can also watch your favourite TV shows online on Bigflix, Netflix or ErosNow and Amazon Prime Video accounts. You can also watch matches of cricket or football or any other sport you all like.
watching movies with friends

4. A pot dinner party

Plan for a dinner party at your own or one of your friend’s place where all members have to get one dish each. Share with each other like you all used to share your lunch boxes during the school days. You should try cooking your favourite dishes that you all love to eat together. Cooking with each other is amazing where everyone likes to add their expertise while cooking and that is the best part. Enjoy the dish and the special moments with a great chat and gossip.

A pot dinner party

5. Picnic

Take a break from your daily routine and plan for a picnic to have some great times with your buddies. Exploring new places with our friends makes some of the best memories. If you don’t have much time to go out for long distances then select a quick destination around your city. Find out the details on the internet before finalizing the location. Do your ground work and proper planning before you set out.


6. Video game tournament

Who doesn’t like to play video games with friends? Everybody does, right? So all friends could meet up at one friend’s place and organize a video game tournament. Gaming technologies are really advancing so fast and very frequently we see some new cool gaming techs in the market. There was a time we used play Mario and Contra on video game consoles, now is the time of X-BOX and VRs. All friends can contribute and purchase a new or second hand gaming console like play station or x-box instead of buying one for personal use. A number of games are available that work with multiple players all within a single game.

Video game tournament

7. Cricket/football match

Plan a cricket or football match at some local ground, open spaces or in the building compound. Playing some outdoor games with your friends is not only delightful from enjoyment point of view but also helps to improve your physical fitness. Now-a-days anybody hardly gets time to be concerned about their physical fitness, then why not play some matches with your friends. It would also help to improve your instincts, decision making and leadership qualities and make you competitive too.
Cricket/football match

8. Volunteer together

There are many NGOs and campaigns in and round your city that work for a good cause. Join them along with your friends. You only need to invest some of your time on Saturdays or Sundays, that too only for 1-2 hrs. Go and help some kids in the orphanages or special homes or some elders at the old-age homes. This will not only bring happiness but also strengthen the bond amongst friends, apart from giving you a satisfactory and proud feeling of social service for the needy.

Volunteer together

9. Go for swimming with your friends

During afternoons, you can go to swimming pool and chill with your friends. We  can do so much of fun with our friends in the swimming pool like and also teach and learn some different strokes. This would really make you feel fresh in the hot afternoon and bring your friends even more closer.

Go for swimming

10. Window-shopping at the mall

Everyone loves shopping, whether it is a boy or girl. But now-a-days everybody tends to do online shopping which is not always good in many aspects. I will not talk about all aspects but one of the main aspect is that while online shopping you hardly interact with anybody else, just sit like a lazy person and order some stuff online. But on the other hand when you do window shopping or actually buy something from the stores by visiting them in person you often take somebody with you and put some extra efforts while selecting the best things for you. So visit some different malls with your friends, window-shop in various stores and have a nice time with them.

Window-shopping at the mall

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