10 Marvel Characters with Highest Grossing Movies of all times

Marvel Characters have always been inspiring all of us since we were young kids. We all want definitely want Spiderman’s control and Ironman’s suit and also the stark tower. These badass superheroes have inspired us since the advent of comics. The Marvel Characters have been a great hit among nerds and geeky teenagers. In the 90’s you would see the typical superhero fans sitting in a cozy corner of their room reading their favorite comics. The comic book stores were hangout centers for nerds of all ages. But things changed when these superheroes were no longer just in the comics but also came close to reality. Be it Spiderman or be it Hulk, everyone from children to adults loved them on screen. Times have changed and now we all love our superheroes. It’s not just the nerds who obsess about them.

With many new Marvel Characters getting their own movies, we will look at the list of Marvel Characters who already have million dollar movies. Here are some very well know Superheros who have highest grossing movies. We have also included those superheroes whose story has been narrated in detail on screen. Let’s take a look at those Marvel Characters with Highest Grossing Movies.

1. Spider-Man

From ‘Lego Marvel Superheros’ to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and now ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’, Spiderman shines throughout. This Marvel Character came to life after a radioactive spider bit him. Peter Parker is a nerdy guy in normal life but as Spider-Man he has the ability to adhere to walls. We all know what happens next but do you know how many movies did Spiderman appear in? Spiderman as a Marvel Character has appeared in a total of 18 movies till date. These include movies like ‘Avengers’ which had Spiderman in a cameo appearance. ‘Spider-Man 3’  made $890,871,626 worldwide and is the highest grossing movie in Spider-Man series.

The latest Spiderman movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ has already made it to the list of high grossing movies. Be it a cameo or a full movie, we love Spiderman and can’t get enough of him. If you have missed out on any of his movies then go watch it now!

Marvel characters - Spider-man

2. Deadpool

Oh yes! we all love him. His quirky character in the movie ‘Deadpool’ made him an instant hit among all Marvel fans. He is not the typical good guy killing bad guys, he is very different. One superhero who really enjoys what he does and has his own unique style. What charmed the fans more was the fact that ‘Deadpool’ was promoted to be a love story and when it was in cinemas, it stood up to the promo. As a Marvel Character, Deadpool is a renown hit man and an international assassin but in the movie, he was a lover boy. ‘Deadpool’ hit the cinemas with a bang and made $783,112,979 worldwide. Deadpool 2 is set to release in 2018 as the second installment of Deadpool series. Although Deadpool has appeared in just one movie, but as a Marvel Character, Deadpool was an instant hit. 

Marvel characters - Deadpool

3. Iron Man

This billionaire superhero is super cool and just too awesome. He has got it all, good looks, a stubborn personality, billions of dollars, and an Iron suit. We have seen three installments of the Iron Man series. The first movie, ‘Iron Man’ depicts Tony Starks journey of becoming the Iron Man and it was a super hit movie. It made a whopping $585,174,222 worldwide. The second and the third installments of ‘Iron Man’ were also blockbuster movies and made millions with ‘Iron Man 3’ as the highest among all three movies of the installment. Iron Man has also appeared in the latest movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ where he is seen mentoring Spider-Man. Movies like ‘Avengers’ and  ‘Civil War’ also have Iron Man as one of the lead Marvel Character. He is one of the most loved Marvel Character.

Marvel characters - Ironman

4. Captain America

Captain America is the most idealistic superhero. He does everything right! He can never do anything which will be harmful to his people. Captain America is the first Avenger and has no superpowers of his own. He gains strength and agility as a result of the Super-Soldier Serum that runs through his veins. He is also among the few Marvel Characters who are deemed worthy of Thor’s hammer. Despite being the typical American Superhero, Captain America is loved by all. The three movies with the title Captain America made millions at the box office. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is among the top five on the list of highest grossing Marvel movies. You can also catch him in action in ‘Avengers’.

Marvel characters - Captain America

5. Wolverine

He is a premier member of both X-Men and Avengers. This Marvel Character has the capacity to heal from almost any wounds. The first movie with the title ‘X-Men’ hit cinemas in the year 2000. People fell in love with him and since then Wolverine as a Marvel Character is famous among all. The unique quality that sets this superhero apart from the crowd is his three retractable bone claws. He has three in each hand and these claws are always associated with Wolverine. Nine out of ten installments of the X-Men series has Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Being a great actor he has done a great job as Wolverine and everyone just adores him. ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ made $234,362,462  worldwide while ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’  has a gross income of $233,921,534. The upcoming movies will release in 2018 but fans worldwide just cannot wait. 

Marvel characters - Wolverine

6. Thor

Well, our list of Marvel Characters will be incomplete without Thor. He is one of the most charming superheroes and being a God just makes him even more celestial. Thor is the hammer wielding god of Norse mythology. He is the Prince of Asgard and a member of Avengers. His younger brother Loki is no less charming. Together this deadly duo has always given a tremendous performance in every movie. While there are three movies in the Thor series, he has a major role in movies like ‘Avengers’. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ set the cinemas on fire with a huge worldwide collection of $206,362,140. This Asgard prince may have short temperament but he is our favorite. Chris Hemsworth has done a great job as Thor and that is one reason why we love Thor all the more.

Marvel characters - Thor

7. Doctor Strange

The gross collection of the movie ‘Doctor Strange’ is a huge sum of $232,641,920. Doctor Strange quickly went from the list of “Marvel Characters who deserve their own movies” on to “Highest grossing Marvel movies”. As a Marvel character, Doctor Strange has the ability to bend dimensions and he is a surgeon. Although he is unable to perform any of the surgeries with his bare hands, he can do it with magic. With just a single appearance he has already made millions of fans. Well, the good news is that we will see him again shortly in a new movie and this time he will not be alone. So keep your eyes open and watch out for the upcoming Marvel movies. 

Marvel characters - Doctor Strange

8. Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is one of the sexiest actresses in the world and she is also famous for her well-known character Black Widow. Black Widow does not have a movie series unlike most marvel characters on this list but it will be unfair not to have her. We all know her background story and we also know about her struggles. She is an Avenger and a sexy one too. Although she has no super human power she manages to kick butts every time an opportunity arises. Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow is one of the best spy agents and her abilities are mesmerizing. No wonder she is a rank 42 in the list of “Top 50 Avengers”.

Marvel characters - Black Widow

9. Hawkeye

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is another marvel character who has no super human powers. He is a world class archer and marksmen. Hawkeye is an Avenger and has appeared as in one of the lead roles in the Avengers series. Although he has no movies of his own but we already know a lot about him. Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye in the latest Avenger series and he portrays the character really well. There is more to come and Hawkeye is definitely the character we all look forward to in the upcoming movies. He is married to Mockingbird and their son Francis appears in the animated feature film ‘Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow’. All the Hawkeye fans, do look out for this new hero.

Marvel characters - Hawkeye

10. Hulk

Hulk is also an Avenger and a very angry one. In the latest Avenger movies, Mark Ruffalo plays the character of Hulk. He has portrayed the character so well that we have forgotten about the other actors. Actors like Eric Bana and Edward Norton have also played the role of Hulk. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ which made $134,806,913 worldwide had Edward Norton as Hulk. The Hulk movie series may have no more new movies but we will see our favorite Marvel Character very soon in the upcoming movies. Trailers have already come out and we just can’t wait for the movie to hit the cinemas. Well, sit tight because these superheroes will always entertain you.

Marvel characters - Hulk

We know the list is short and we have many Marvel Superheros who did not make it to this list, but don’t worry we will come up with many new lists. So don’t forget to let us know who is your favorite Marvel Superhero in the comments below.

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