Looking for The Best Basketball Camp for Your Child? 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Whether you are the proud parent of a young neighbourhood prodigy or the exasperated veteran coach for a rowdy group of elementary schoolers, if your child or children are demonstrating a love and passion for basketball, you should do all you can to help them develop that interest and improve their skills.

Friendly weekend contests and regular after school practice are probably already checked off your program list, so why not go a step further? When the next summer vacation rolls around, try investing in a camp experience. Of course, selecting the best camp for your little one can be a tricky quest. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Basketball camp

1. Think about the regime that your child needs

Each child is unique in their skill set, skill level, preferred position on the court, and their effectiveness in the team. Do not disregard talking to the child themselves about this! Children can be unusually perceptive, and you may receive a fair bit of a surprise when you see just how aware they are of their own strong and weak points.

It would also be a good idea to talk to the coach if your child has one, or their PE teacher. They are professionals and spend a long time watching your child play, so they can give you more precise, objective, relevant information.

Also, consider the physical requirements that the camp experience will have to provide. Things like the duration of each practice session and the length of each game, as well as the number of practices and games each week, greatly vary with the player’s age.

The NBA and USA Basketball have put together a guide for ensuring a healthy youth basketball experience, which you can find at this web address. Make sure you select the appropriate program for your little one!

2. Check up on who the staff are

The location and program structure are essential factors to consider, but they only make for two-thirds of the camp. Do a review of the camp staff – instructors, resident nurses, everyone from top to bottom.

Does the staff roster include retired professional players? Some former or current coaches who specialized in youth basketball? Medics who are specialists for sports-related injuries? You want your child to be cared for by the best, and inspired by the best.

Basketball hoop

3. Consider quality vs. convenience

A good place to start your search is to simply google: “summer basketball camp in Texas” or “Bay Area basketball camps”. However, if you are considering a given camp just because it is close to your home, you seriously need to reconsider. A little bit of a travel cost can go a long way towards making sure that your kid gets all the value of the money you invest in this.

A camp which is set up close is a great advantage, of course, but that should never be the decisive factor. The primary concern is ensuring a top-notch learning experience while not skimping on any of the fun that the sport can bring. Look for a camp that will maximally improve your child’s basketball skills and bring them the greatest enjoyment along the way.

Again, talk to them about it! Chances are, they will know a ton more about any place that features their hobby than you do. If they have a preference for a particular camp, hear them out – they tend to have rather sound reasons for wanting to attend a specific one.

4. Never underestimate the dimensions

“You mean the court size?” We mean everything.

Just as your child’s age directly determines the scope and rigorousness of their camp program, it also dictates the size of the court that they will be able to cover, the height of the basketball rim that they will be able to reach, the size of the ball that they will be able to handle, and even the size of the team on which the will be able to play.

Check out this link for more information: https://www.momsteam.com/sports/youth-basketball-age-appropriate-rim-height-ball-court-team-size-increase-fun-skill-developme.

It may sound overwhelming, but these things will allow you to select the best possible camp for your child.

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