Top 5 Coaching Institutes Which Will Conduct CBT for JEE Main 2019 Preparation

Many leading institutes across the country which are known for training their students for JEE examination have gone a step ahead and started with its All India Test Series for JEE 2019 which is a Computer Based Testing (CBT) conducted across the country like a mock exam for its students. As a part of the preparatory support to the students, the coaching institutes are providing the All India Tests for JEE Advanced & JEE Main 2019 in a simulated environment so that the students can learn from that experience and also shed some of their inhibitions that they might have for the online exam.

During the online test, the aspirants are provided with a similar interface for grand mock JEE 2019 CBT exam which will help students to familiarize with the online testing tools and the question pattern that they are likely to face in actual entrance examinations. They would also be able to judge themselves among the vast number of students giving the exam. The online mode fairs better than the traditional system of examination as it students find it more flexible and malleable.

Often the online mode of JEE is conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) and is considered quite safe and secure. Taking the cues from the online version conducted by the CBSE there are a handful of top institutes which offer CBT for its students.




1. Allen Career Institute

This institute hosts a number of faculty members who are highly experienced and have achieved eminence in their own field. One of the most appreciated parts of Allen is that it gives individual attention to its students and also and helps candidates excel in all the important entrance exams and not just merely focus on JEE Advanced exam. Guidance is also provided to its students for qualifying their respective board exams. They conduct regular tests to assess the ability of the students. Few weeks before the JEE exams are conducted the institute conducts CBT for all its students.

2. Vibrant Academy

Vibrant Academy focuses largely on JEE preparation and not so much on other entrance exams. It is however considered one of the most prestigious institutes for churning out a high number of JEE qualifiers. Since the introduction of the online method of examination, the institute has been offering computer-based tests to its students so that they get used to the system and perform well in the main exam.


FIIT JEE was the first institute in India to introduce the Computer-Based Tests for its students. Across India, they offer this test for aspiring candidates and helps them to compare their score with other students. This gives the student a fair idea of where they stand and what they could do to improve their score. Also, FIIT JEE AITS test series is considered to be the best test series out there.

4. Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy and Narayana Coaching

Rivals at first, both these institutes from Andhra Pradesh have collaborated and produced top IITians from their centers. They have come up with a new coaching center which is namely, CHAINA which is the shortened acronym for Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy. These institutes are known for having long study hours which often builds unnecessary pressure on its students. However, if you are willing to work hard as per their regulations then maybe you’ll be able to get a top score in the main exam.

5. Resonance Institute

Considering its past results, Resonance has done considerably well by churning out more than 3500 students across India to qualify for the JEE exam. They have a well-trained faculty who help their students get through the nitty gritty of the exam. The institute provides separate classes for Hindi and English medium students so that they don’t face any difficulty down the road. Since last year Resonance has started Computer-Based Testing for its students to make them understand about the process of the actual exam and also to test their levels of preparation.

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