Author: Sumit Sharma

Prevents kidney stones

8 Benefits of Lemon That You Must Know

Lemons are one the healthiest fruits on this planet. Yes! That’s true. Considering the fact that it is not as tasty as other fruits. Lemons are highly acidic, bitter and sour but at the same...

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People twitch while sleeping

8 Unsolved Mysteries of The Human Body

Human body is such a brilliant work of art that many of it’s functionalities are still unexplained by many doctors. The unsolved mysteries of human body have consumed the brains of many scientists over...

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the Himalayas are still moving and growing

Top 7 Facts About The Himalayas You Never Knew

The Himalayas are nature’s one of the biggest miracles. Himalaya word is a combination of two Sanskrit words. The word ‘Him’ means snow and the word ‘A-laya’ means abode, but it is more than...

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